Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life And Real Wife

On this week’s episode of Married At First Sight, the honeymoon has ended and the couples are returning to their new reality. This is my favorite part of Married At First Sight. Things always get real when couples start living together. This season, the experts have provided everyone with a shared space. But before they move, they will first spend the night in the home of their significant other.

Greg Okotie takes the grand tour of Deonna McNeill’s home. Now I see why she wanted to live in his larger house. You can see the anxiety on Greg’s face when he encounters her cluttered space and shedding dog. Elizabeth Bice visits her husband Jamie Thompson’s house. Either he is a neat freak or he had someone organize his entire home. It looks like a model home that has been staged. Hmm… something tells me Elizabeth is going to be a challenge for his OCD.

Iris Caldwell spends the night at Keith Manley’s home. The next morning she begins to snoop through all of his things. Girl, I know this is your husband, but you have only known him for 5 days. I think it’s extremely rude to go through someone else’s belongings, especially in a new relationship. Now don’t get me wrong, I would look and take mental notes. But I wouldn’t go through his bags and drawers. It reeks of desperation and seems as if you are looking for an issue. Well as expected, Iris is livid when she finds a box of empty condoms hidden away. Did she forget SHE was the virgin, not him? She should be happy he was at least using protection before he got married.

When confronted, Keith claims he brought some condoms to the honeymoon. Iris harps on the fact that the box is empty and even checks his backpack and only finds three. Keith nicely shuts down the conversation as nonproductive. Iris decides to let it go, but I have a feeling this topic will rear its ugly head again.

Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Amber Bowles helps Matt Gwynne pack up his belongings at his home. Usually packing is an arduous task, but Matt could literally pack his stuff on a hobo stick. He literally has NOTHING, but clothes and shoes. I didn’t see any furniture. The cameraman only shows us one room of the house, so you know it had to be bad! Add no belongings to the list of red flags we have discovered about Matt.

I know that he travels a lot, but it’s like the man is a total mystery. He has set up the perfect way to leave this marriage. He hasn’t introduced you to his family, home and he has a supposed offer to play basketball out of the country. He probably actually lives with his mom. Maybe he thought the show would be a launching pad for a dying career. I’m not really sure, but we are going to find out!!!!!!

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Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Pastor Calvin Roberson visits with each of the couples to check in. Iris and Keith talk to him about marrying their lives and duties. Pastor Calvin reminds them they need to discuss the F word…. finances. At this point, the two haven’t discussed it all. Keith admits that his wife’s virginity is a challenge, but he is more concerned with her comfort. I love them as a couple, but they definitely have some hurdles to jump over.

Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Jaime tours Elizabeth’s home and you can tell his OCD is in overdrive. Her home is like her personality: all over the place. But at least it looks lived in, which shows that she is sharing the real her. Pastor Calvin comes to offer some sage advice. Given their two blowups, he gives them an exercise. He asks them to have “naked moments” where they drop everything they are doing and share their emotions. Ummm… good luck with that. If Elizabeth gets any more emotional, she will be in a stray jacket.

Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Matt gets the chance to see Amber’s home. Basically, he looks like the jolly green giant visiting a Keebler elf’s house. He immediately breaks the shower rod in the bathroom. It might actually work better for him that way since he would have squat to take a shower there. Pastor Calvin comes to visit and speaks to them individually. Amber shares her fears about Matt’s transient lifestyle. She is also falling for him and I don’t think that is going to work for her. Matt doesn’t seem as into to her as she is to him. When Matt speaks to Pastor Calvin he is immediately scared off.

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When Pastor Calvin shares how much Amber likes him it has the opposite effect on him. What number red flag are we on now?  He claims he really likes her, but is just scared it won’t last. Yea, we are too!  Matt is still talking about his business venture that he hopes picks up so he doesn’t have to leave the country. It reminds me of those old movies where the man tells the woman he has to sleep with her that night because he ships out the next day. Even Stevie Wonder can see how this is going to end. SMH…

Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Deonna is impressed, to say the least, by Greg’s home. It’s a nice size, clean, and well organized. Girl… don’t mess this up. I think you could actually be very happy with your new husband. First, stop using that annoying baby voice. Second, let your walls down. Greg is obviously open to you. Let him in. Lastly, get rid of those ugly librarian glasses. Those can work on someone, but that person isn’t you.

Pastor Calvin discusses some of the challenges in the relationship. One being, Deonna’s independent, guarded attitude. He even calls her out on her ridiculous request for very few compliments. Pastor Calvin leaves them with an assignment to practice some type of physicality. He wants them to get in the habit of intimacy, even if it’s just holding hands or kissing.

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Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

It’s moving day! Let the games begin! For some reason, the producers have become lazy this season. They move all the couples into the same building. Why? I think it’s way more organic when they live in their real houses. Ugh… I also don’t like that they are in the same place. It’s too easy to run to other people when you are upset.

Jaime and Elizabeth have just arrived at their new place. I thought Jaime was going to have a heart attack when he saw Elizabeth giving her dogs water out of a drinking glass. Yea… I’m not feeling that either. Did you not bring your dog’s stuff? Or do you do this all the time? This woman is going to drive Jaime insane by the end of eight weeks.

Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Matt unpacks his life… flea market knick-knacks and clothes. He actually shows Amber some pictures of his family. Let’s hope they are real and didn’t come with the frame.  Iris is doing her usual complaining. Ugh… I’m a woman and her nonstop talking is wearing on my nerves. It’s obvious she has a certain routine and can’t really deviate from it. Keith is a man who doesn’t care about drawer liners for a wooden dresser.  Iris, you may want to talk to your mom and people with experience about the joys of living with a man.  The little things you do to make a house a home are a very low priority to most men.

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Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Later, Amber is very upset when she realizes Matt has moved his toiletries into the second bathroom. Amber thinks they should share a bathroom because they aren’t roommates. Matt doesn’t see the issue. I don’t either since she has already ignored all his other glaring issues, what’s one more?

Deonna continues with her independent lifestyle by taking over the closet and bedroom. Greg is so nice he doesn’t even complain that she only left him a top shelf in a walk-in closet. SMH…

Married At First Sight Recap-Real Life and Real Wife

Later at dinner, Amber admits that she has a fear of abandonment.  She finally agrees to let Matt use the second bathroom as long as it doesn’t create space between them. Ughhh…girl you already seem needy. Well, I can’t wait to see how this living situation unfolds. I have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg. If some of these people are already acting crazy, let’s see what happens over the next few weeks on Married At First Sight.


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