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Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 18 Recap: ‘What’s Our Safe Word?’

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was interesting. With decision day being so close many of the participants are reflecting on their marriage. Should they stay married? Does their partner see the value in their relationship? Even some of the struggling newlyweds are seeking answers to those questions. I have my own personal opinions on who is most likely to stay together. If things keep going in the same direction it may be a very short list.

The couples return home from their retreat in Gatlinburg. Things heat up on the pole and in the bedroom for a couple that was still hoping for a spark to ignite. Others meet with friends and family for insights into whether their marriages can last. One husband is left wondering if his in- laws are avoiding him. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Chris meets with one of his friends to look at vintage cars and talk about his marriage. He contemplates what their lives will look like after decision day. Nicole speaks to her father who already has spent a lot of time with Chris and fully supports their relationship. She is stressed about their living situation after the end of the experiment. Her father believes that they should fully jump in, if they decide to stay together. Knowing Nicole, if they have to live apart it will be a major setback in her mind. But I can understand why she would want to establish an actual plan rather than play it by ear, if they intend to stay together.

Airris & Jasmine

Airris and Jasmine are reaffirming the promises they made to each during the retreat to continue to work on their relationship. Shockingly, he seems a lot more open to his wife recently than he has been their entire relationship. I want to believe this is all genuine, but I have a nagging belief that he may not be as open as he seems. Jasmine wants this relationship to work so badly that I hope that I am wrong. She will be devastated if things don’t work out.

Airris may need to keep those compliments coming. Jasmine takes a pole dancing class and even does a special performance for her husband. I don’t think she would have been comfortable doing this a few weeks ago. Her confidence is definitely growing by the day. Later, Airris and Jasmine work on their intimacy with help of toys, blindfolds and massages. He even asks her to play the role of a dominatrix by slapping him. This scene was hilarious. He literally asked her a few times to hit him hard enough for him to feel anything. Hmm… this is getting interesting. Could Airris actually be starting to feel chemistry with his wife?

Clint & Gina

Clint speaks with one of the ex-participants of the show, Mackinley about his marriage and life. Although he listens intently, Mackinley makes it clear that he doesn’t believe that there is much hope for that relationship when he speaks to producers. In a post interview he admits that he wishes that he and Gina would have been his match instead of Domynique. I don’t think the results would have been much different if that was the case. Gina can be just as blunt and judgmental. I’m sure she would also have hurt his feelings about his living situation, as well.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson meet with Clint with Gina to check on their progress. Gina readily admits that although they have spent more quality time together, she still views them as just friends. She also shares that they have many personality differences, and she has never felt like a wife. Clint is shocked that she is bringing this up without ever discussing all of these concerns with him. I don’t know why he is shocked. Gina has been very consistent with her disdain for him, as far as him being her partner.

Shaquille and Kirsten

Kirsten meets up with her brother to update him on her marriage. She is undecided about their future. There has been a clear disconnect since their wedding and she well aware that something is missing. But Kirsten is still willing to work on things. She has even agreed to allow him to spend more time with her family. Shaq has complained numerous times that he feels like his wife doesn’t want him to meet her father. This introduction will be interesting, considering she has been comparing her husband to her father for quite some time. Meanwhile, Shaq speaks to one of his friends on video chat. At this point, he rates his marriage a six out of ten. He believes they are growing. but isn’t quite sure that they are growing together as a couple. His friend advises him to be patient because it is a continuous process.

Kirsten surprises Shaq with the news that she is going to invite her family over to hang out. Instead of being happy, he questions her intentions. She claims that her family hasn’t been around due to scheduling conflicts, but he feels that they don’t want to make the time to get to know him. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why he could feel slighted, but at least give her a chance to rectify it. She can’t control her family. There can be many reasons why they don’t want to be involved. Some clips are shown this episode of how Shaq acts when he returns home. The video shows Kirsten trying to make conversation and him being distant. Maybe Kirsten doesn’t want to push her husband on her family if he isn’t going to be permanent. Shaq is disappointed that only Kirsten’s mother will be able to join them for dinner. Despite her visiting solo, she gives them some sage relationship advice to stop expecting and start living. I totally agree with her!