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Kathryn Dennis Blames CBD Oil For Her Recent Positive Drug Test; Says Thomas Ravenel Invoked Clause Allowing Him To Take Away Custody

The ongoing custody battle between ex Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis has been playing out in the courts for what seems like an eternity. The two have been in and out of court over custody of their children Kensie and Saint almost since they were born. Accusations have flown back and forth between Kathryn and Thomas regarding parenting issues, substance abuse and more.

The past year has been especially volatile between the former couple in their custody dispute. Although the two have occasionally been able to be civil and co-parent peacefully, the ongoing legal proceedings have escalated to a new level. Thomas has accused Kathryn of continued drug use, requested access to her medical records and even accused her of filing for custody for a Southern Charm storyline. Now, new drug use allegations against Kathryn have resulted in the custody battle taking an unexpected turn.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kathryn is disputing the results of a recent drug test that turned up positive for marijuana. Kathryn states in the documents, “Most recently there was a discrepancy in the results of my urine test indicating a trace amount of 16 parts per million for marijuana metabolite on June 14. However, I have not used marijuana. My hair follicle test taken on the same day was negative.”

Kathryn claims that the use of CBD oil is the reason for her positive test. I won’t pretend to know the legalities of the situation, but differing urine and hair follicle test results might be helpful for Kathryn’s case.

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All of this might be just another legal technicality that plays out in the courtroom between lawyers–except for one very important thing. According to the documents, when Kathryn went to pick up the children from Thomas last week, she was not allowed to do so. Thomas’ lawyer invoked a clause from their 2017 custody agreement, which allows Thomas to take away custody if one of Kathryn’s drug tests comes back positive.

In The Blast documents, Kathryn states that Thomas currently has the children and she has not seen them since the clause was invoked. Regardless of how this all came about, it has to be heartbreaking for Kathryn. The clause also states that if her drug test comes back positive, Kathryn is only allowed supervised visitation.

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For her part, Kathryn is adamantly denying drug use. She declares, “I have not used any illegal drugs.” Kathryn went on to state that “she voluntarily got drug tested by her doctors on a regular and frequent basis.” Would someone who has undergone frequent drug testing take a foolish risk during a heated custody battle?

Let’s hope that Kathryn is being forthright in her court declarations regarding this matter and that the latest twist in the legal case is something that will be resolved soon. The most important thing in all of this are Kensie and Saint, who are too young to know what is going on. Children deserve to have two stable, loving parents who can cooperate together and put their needs first.

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