Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis Has A New Man

Kathryn Dennis Reveals How She Met Her Boyfriend Hunter Price; Dishes On Their Relationship

The romantic history of Southern Charm  star Kathryn Dennis reads a bit like a bad romance novel. One that you might not believe if you picked it up at the bookstore. Viewers are all too familiar with Kathryn’s dramatic relationship with her ex Thomas Ravenel, who is old enough to be her father. And her brief dalliances with co-stars Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith along the way. Plus, an unconfirmed fling with Craig Conover.

This season, Kathryn revealed that she was dating someone new, Joe Abruzzo, a Florida politician. But that relationship flamed out as quickly as it began. Then, earlier this year, Kathryn announced via Instagram that she was dating country singer Hunter Price. And so far, that relationship has endured. Kathryn has not shared a lot of information about their romantic life, but she recently discussed how the two met and also spilled some details on their relationship.

Kathryn told Bravo’s The Daily Dish  that she met Hunter around New Year’s in Nashville. She shared, “I was having dinner with some friends that lived there, and he came, and we clicked. And we’re weird, and he gets my weird, and that’s really weird.” Isn’t that all you can ask of a dating partner–that your strangeness matches up? Everyone is weird in some ways, but the oddness needs to be compatible to work.

Apart from weirdness, Kathryn also revealed that Hunter possesses some great qualities for a dating partner. She stated, “He’s really sweet and genuine. To be honest with you, I had lost hope that anyone like that existed ever again in life.” Years of dating Thomas would certainly make someone skeptical that decent people exist in the world!

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Another draw for Kathryn is that Hunter is artistic. Kathryn explained, “I like seeing someone passionate about what they do. And because he’s artsy, we have a lot in common, like weird things in common. He knows me, I know him, we just are very transparent about it.”

Kathryn is also fine with being in a long-distance relationship with Hunter, who lives in Nashville. She declared, “Thank God I’m not dating anyone in Charleston.”

Can anyone blame Kathryn for wanting to date outside of her hometown? Charleston is beautiful, but at least from what we see on Southern Charm, eligible men–at least ones who don’t party like college students like Shep–seem in short supply. I would also assume that Kathryn’s reality show notoriety makes dating locally awkward.

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Keeping a long-distance relationship going is never easy, but Kathryn seems up for the challenge. Kathryn admitted, “I mean, I’m just trying to Pinterest how to do cute things for long-distance relationships. But I will say I love Nashville, and I never want to move from Charleston, but if I did, it would be Nashville. It’s cool. It’s fun there.”

Nashville seems like a town that Kathryn would really enjoy–artistic, interesting and a little quirky. Kind of like Kathryn herself.

Hunter has received the stamp of approval from someone newly important in Kathryn’s lifeSouthern Charm grande dame Patricia Altschul. Kathryn revealed, “I will say Patricia immediately approved. That’s wild. And I think that speaks highly, right, of him. I don’t know. Everyone likes him a lot. It’s just nice to have everyone be kind and open to someone that I care about, too.”

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What no one is probably saying to Kathryn is that anyone would be an improvement over Thomas. And as Kathryn tends to bring drama wherever she goes, her cast mates are probably thankful that at least her love life seems to be on track.

Kathryn is well aware that her turbulent life–marked by substance abuse issues and custody battles–is not everyone’s cup of dating tea. She acknowledged, “I can imagine that my baggage can be intimidating to people, but luckily, it’s Louis Vuitton baggage. And he accepts me for me.” High end designer luggage, and all.

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