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Danni Baird Reacts To Madison LeCroy’s Claim That Shep Rose Gave Danni An STD

Is Madison LeCroy set to be the next Naomie Olindo on Southern Charm i.e. will she earn a full-time spot on Southern Charm thanks to a dysfunctional romance with a cast member, Austen Kroll in this case? She just might. She really stirred things up during the last episode.

Madison claimed that Shep Rose gave Danni Baird chlamydia. She claimed that it was a fact… just because Austen relayed the information. How reliable! Now, Danni is speaking out about Madison’s claims.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Danni said, “What Madison said was very hurtful and untrue, and I feel as though it was clearly calculated, both directed at Shep and to me.” That would make sense since Shep has been talking shit about Madison all season and Danni outed Madison for sliding into her then-boyfriend’s DM’s.

Danni added, “I don’t think that Austen is innocent in the matter. They had both, unbeknownst to me, had been harboring some underlying resentment toward me particularly.”

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Danni reflected, “I think you can see from my reaction, I’m completely in shock. I almost can’t believe she’s even talking about me.” Danni wasn’t even in that conversation, yet she became the main topic of conversation that episode.

She admitted, “It was probably 10 minutes later, I had a breakdown once I realized what she had said, because this is a national platform, you know?” Exactly! It’s not as if Madison just said this during a group trip with her ex’s friends (which made zero sense for her to attend in the first place). Madison said this while filming a reality TV show. Now millions of people have heard it.

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Danni divulged, “Shep and I dated almost a decade ago, and we, or at least I, did not even know Madison and Austen back then. So what she said is completely untrue and unfair. It was hurtful. She was trying to target Shep, but I know good and well she threw me in there for a reason, subconsciously or not. And it’s just been really hard for me to comprehend how you can do that to somebody else. It’s not my nature.” Well, Madison is trying to get a full-time spot on this show. Clearly.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Looking back, Danni shared, “Austen had this aggressive animosity towards me that I had no idea existed; I just kept hearing it from other people. And so that’s why when the whole comment in Colorado came out, and she said she heard it from Austen, my mind was just spinning. I was like, ‘This was absolutely calculated.” Of course, it was. It’s all to recover from that infamous DM sliding.

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In regard to the allegations themselves, Danni proclaimed, “I can stand here and say that I do not have chlamydia, I never have. But, I mean, I had to frickin’ Google it and couldn’t figure out how to spell it when all this happened.” The jury is still out on whether or not Shep has ever had it/given it someone. 

Ultimately, Danni admitted, “It’s gonna be hard for me to even look at either of them.” Same here, girl. And I’m only looking at them while I watch this show from the comfort of my couch at home.

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At least they apologized, right? Well, not quite. Danni revealed, “Believe it or not, Austen has never apologized to me for his role in this. He has never even addressed it with me. Madison did apologize right after, but I was too upset at the time to even hear it. I mean, they could apologize, but honestly, the best thing they could do is literally just change how they treat people. You can’t do this stuff to other people and not expect for karma to hit you like a freight train later.”

Well, at least there’s the reunion. Or next season.


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