Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Defends Himself After Telling Austen Kroll About Madison LeCroy’s Instagram Activity

So far, so good for Craig Conover. This season of Southern Charm is giving us #revisednewcraig. No longer embroiled in a contentious relationship with Naomie Olindo, he is Zen Craig. He got his groove back in the Bahamas and even launched a sewing business.

Look at Shep Rose. It will be a brief look. Shep still dresses like he’s going to a brotastic movie call back. And Shep might be a fan of double standards in relationships. Which leads us to Austen Kroll. Austen is the only one with a girlfriend. He and Madison LeCroy have been the subject of salacious scandals! But they can’t quit the storyline drama. Zen Craig recently found himself adding to their storyline issues. He said there is a reason why he blew the whistle on Madison.

Craig told Decider, “It’s fun for once having a non-fuck up season. I get to feel good about myself on TV and in life. I like myself and you’re starting to see the true colors of me and that’s cool. Over the last two seasons, I’ve been starting to really develop a lot more of my personality.”

When asked about Austen, he said, “I don’t know how Austen’s gonna make it through this season. Between him and Madison, it was already so tense leading up to this point that he’s come to me for a lot of advice because he can draw parallels that I went through with Naomie. It was different but I had my relationship play out and I was fortunate that I think I’ve always had a good head space about this stuff and been able to handle it. I mean, it still sucked, I’m not gonna lie, but I think he’s gonna lose his mind.” If anyone had listened to Craig, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis never would have been a thing.

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Craig added, “My rule of thumb is, it’s my duty as a friend to make them aware of the situation and then whatever the hell happens after that is on them. It might drive me crazy afterward and I won’t understand it, but yeah, of course, it sucks having to tell your buddy or tell anyone that their partner is being unfaithful.” Zen Craig was also pretty spot on about Whitney Sudler-Smith’s ALLEGED feelings towards Kathryn.

Zen Craig goes on to say only a “wussy” (his word, not mine) wouldn’t tell a buddy if their mate were down with OPP cheating. “Could you imagine getting cheated on and finding out your friend knew?”

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In regard to Austen and Madison as a couple, Craig shared, “Austen and Madison’s negativity affects other aspects of their lives and other people and that’s where the anger comes from because it’s like, dude what the fuck.“ Craig is right. Austen should date freely. Then Madison can find someone who isn’t the human form of a yawn.

Craig said a simple dinner or trip away becomes a chore because Austen and MadatAusten fight via phone.”But the problem is when people then make their own decision and obsess about it. I’ll probably be eating my words because that happens this year, but really it’s just because their relationship is so exhausting,” he admitted.

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Craig does feel bad about backing the bus over MadatAusten because they are friends. “She used to date one of my best friends for years and I went through this with her but she was on the other side, and I think she would understand.”

Austen, bless his heart. No job. Known to be sketchy. Madison, also having sketchy moments. They should listen to Zen Craig. He might be right, again.


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