BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Pictured: Jack Stirrup -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Jack Stirrup Shares Remorse Over Insensitive Rape Comment

We’ve been getting to know Jack Stirrup . The new deckhand showed up on Below Deck Mediterranean under a mop of curly hair. Jack appeared relatively innocuous. What he lacked in work ethic, he attempted to make up for in charm. On the bright side, Jack wasn’t trying to fool anyone with his job dedication. He got on relatively well with the crew, though Joao Franco  wasn’t impressed with his charm, his hair, or his attitude.

After mild flirtation seemed turned to full infatuation with Aesha Scott , the two were basically inseparable. Viewers were treated to their public displays of… affection. But hey, these are two young, attractive people working on a yacht in the South of France. Many of Jack and Aesha’s moments of “quality time” are held under minimal lighting of a club, double fisting cocktails. One night, after imbibing probably more liquor than medically necessary, Jack made a very big mistake. Now he responds to his thoughtless action and in a reality television twist, feels incredibly horrible about it.

Below Deck Med crew members just want to have fun. As everyone knows, sometimes the fun bus takes a sharp left. Especially when large quantities of alcohol are on board. We’ve seen a few snippets of the crew’s personal lives. Anastasia Surmava’s mom is a chef (we know, we know). June Foster is still recovering from the death of her father. Joao’s mother was attacked with an elephant bone. Details of their lives shared with viewers.

Then there are occasions when dark moments are revealed. On the way back to the Sirocco after a night of partying, Jack and Aesha were all over each other in the back of the van. In the midst of his stupor, Jack said to Aesha, “Why does your face look like it’s just been raped?”

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Aesha quickly responded, “Don’t make jokes about that!” To that Jack replied, “Ah ***in’ hell, I can’t even make rape jokes.” In a very sobering moment, we find out Aesha is a victim of rape. Mic drop, hang on, everybody.

In an interview for the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show, Jack said, “In me drunk stage, me mind was clouded. Just thinking about that I had joked about something [that] could have brought that person back to that situation and made them think about the horrible situation, it’s too much to be honest.”

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Aesha explained Jack did apologize to her directly. She said, “He sprinted outside and he was almost crying and shaking. And he was like, ‘I’m so, so sorry I did that to you’.” Jack admits, “I don’t even know half the shit I say when I’m wasted.” Okay Jack, there’s your a-ha moment.

Aesha continued, “You could see he [Jack] was just heartbroken, he couldn’t stopping hugging me.” Jack appears extremely regretful of what he did, I encourage you to watch the interview. Jack confessed the unfortunate incident made him realize how strong of a person of Aesha is, after going through a life-changing trauma.

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Let’s review. Aesha is a hard working young woman who isn’t hurting anyone and wants to have fun. So, shut up Joao. Aesha has also been the victim of a violent crime, and watched her brother die at a young age. What she isn’t doing is allowing tragedy to define her life. She remains funny, vulgar, and a positive example for survivors.

Jack appeared visibly shaken by his own actions. He wasted no time in giving Aesha a sincere apology for hurting her in any way. Jack also said he’s glad it happened because it opened a discussion about rape that taught him a lesson.

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The world would be a better place if people owned their mistakes and were humble enough to learn from them. But then Bravo would have zero programming. Cheers to Jack for acknowledging his mistakes and making an effort not repeat them in the future. Cheers to Aesha for being understanding and willing to use the horrible thing that happened to her, as a learning tool for someone else. Well done.


[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]