Chef Ben Robinson Will Not Return To Below Deck

Below Deck Mediterranean: Ben Robinson Says Mila Kolomeitseva “Was Pretty Arrogant”

Chef Ben Robinson is returning to Below Deck Mediterranean.  It remains to be seen if he is to finish the remainder of charter season, but fans are awaiting with great anticipation to see the OG of the galley back onscreen.  Ben left at the end of Below Deck Med Season 4 after establishing a romance with former second stew Emily Warburton-Adams.

The galley on Sirocco has been in shambles since day one.  Anastasia Surmava was able to hold it together for awhile, but the stress of the job caught up with her and she decided to return to Third Stew position.  And since Ben is stepping in to save this mess, it only makes sense that he share his thoughts about the real ghost of galleys past, Mila Kolomeitseva.  She came into the situation woefully unprepared rattling pots, pans, and cans of slimy Vietnamese shrimp.  Mila took preference sheets too literally and was unable to envision or finesse quality meals.  Her reign of abject horror may have been short, but it will live in infamy.

Ben discussed Mila’s performance during an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish.  According to Ben, Mila “was too young” and too green for the job.  Ben also pointed out that Mila’s attitude hindered her ability to function better.

Ben explained, “I’ve done it before, you know, for six months, big charter seasons in the Med, and I struggled, you know, and I was ready. I’d been doing it for many years, and I found it brutal. So I think that she was pretty arrogant to think that she could just jump onto Below Deck and do that. I don’t know who the hell she thinks she is, to be honest. And with nachos, no less. What the hell?”

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Ben described his own climb to the top as an example.  He said, “It didn’t work out for her, did it? But it’s just that arrogance, the arrogance. I started off on a 105-foot boat, then I went down to a 95-foot boat after a year, now that was a charter boat. And then I worked my way very, very slowly all the way to head chef on a 300-foot-plus boat at 28. I was probably the youngest big boat chef in the industry, but I started when I was 22. Just when I looked back at what I’d done to get there and what she’d done to get there, which was nothing, just seemed quite miraculous, quite arrogant.”

Mila did not take criticism well and her habit of using microwaves and packaged ingredients made for poor tasting food.  Ben came up with the perfect nickname in honor of Mila’s tendency to fritz her food.  He joked, “I call her ‘Miele’ because they actually manufacture microwaves.”

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Cheers for Ben’s return.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]