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Vicki Gunvalson Claims She Did Not Start Train Rumors About Kelly Dodd

She’s innocent, everyone! Real Housewives of Orange County’s newly cemented “friend” Vicki Gunvalson is not one of the main players this season. But that does not mean she will be kept on the sidelines.

In true Vicki fashion, she has found herself in the middle of the drama this season. But, she swears it’s not her fault.  Yeah, ok. It’s almost as though she wants us to forget we’ve been watching her for the last 13 seasons.

Kelly Dodd and Vicki’s friendship crashed and burned when Vicki accused Kelly of using cocaine during last season’s reunion. The two then began to lash out on social media with Kelly making fun of Vicki’s face lift.  And, of course, Vicki refused to back down from her shocking accusations.

However, during the beginning of the new season, at Tamra Judge’s housewarming party, Vicki seemed interested in trying to quash her fight with Kelly. Who couldn’t run away fast enough. Maybe Vicki was trying to turn a new leaf and be a decent human being this season.  Or maybe not.

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During dinner with TamraGina KirschenheiterShannon Beador, and newcomer Braunwyn Windham-Burke Vicki, tired of not being the center of attention, decided to call attention to the fact that “Kelly knows that I know more than I’ve said.” And it was then that Tamra blurted out something about a train. And it’s not the kind you probably thought.  Or maybe it was. And I was the only one who needed further clarification.

During last week’s episodeEmily Simpson felt it was a bright idea to bring the topic up again to Kelly. Has one shit-stirrer been replaced with another?  Or does Emily just want to forget her marriage is on a collision course with reality? Kelly did not respond very well to the comments. And stormed off from another disastrous meal.  Soon, there will be no restaurant who will want to be associated with this franchise.  Unless plate throwing, table tossing, screaming guests are the image you are going for.

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Despite being in the middle of the train rumor, Vicki has decided to set the record straight and proclaim her innocence. Vicki revealed to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, that she “did not spread the rumor NOR did [she] repeat it to anyone.”

“It came from a source close to Kelly,’ Vicki stated, “Maybe she should talk to the person who it originally came from.” Vicki claims she heard the rumors from someone close to Kelly who apparently was also an “eyewitness.”  Because this information was so “damaging” Vicki decided she “would not discuss it with anyone.” Until it benefited her.

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So why even bring up the fact she knew more? Well, according to Vicki, it was to “demonstrate that [she] could say things that are not flattering about Kelly, but [she’s] chosen not to.”  Nothing like threatening someone to make them see what a good person you are.

The mere fact these rumors are out there is deeply upsetting to Vicki because the women are “supposed to be there for one another and help each other through life’s ups and down – NOT create them.” Wow, Vicki is really on her high horse this season.  She is going to do everything she can to get back into her old spot on the show.

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