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Kelly Dodd Says Vicki Gunvalson Should Have Been Demoted “A Long Time Ago”

Season 14 of Real Housewives of Orange County brought the unthinkable–the demotion of “OG” Vicki Gunvalson. Vicki even got engaged to her man, Steve Lodge, but it wasn’t enough to save her full-time gig. Vicki is still atoning for her creepy relationship with alleged scammer Brooks Ayers, who pretended to have cancer and made a fool of Vicki. Vicki is suing him for money that she loaned him. I wouldn’t be too optimistic about getting that back.

Another Housewife, Kelly Dodd, has been in the thick of all the drama, and she seems to have issues with almost everyone. Recently, RHOC co-stars Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Vicki called Kelly “a train wreck.”

Kelly told People that both Vicki and Tamra “are stale” and that Tamra should be the next Housewife booted off the reality show. It certainly feels like there is a shift in the direction of the show, and Kelly seems to be the centerpiece.

Of course, there has been tension between Vicki and Kelly for a long time. Kelly accused Vicki of breaking girl code by going out on a double date with Kelly’s ex, Michael Dodd. During the Season 13 reunion, Vicki accused Kelly of using cocaine. And RHOC viewers watched a hilarious cat and mouse game at Tamra’s housewarming party. Kelly kept trying to avoid Vicki, while Vicki followed her around and asked to talk with her. Finally, Kelly screamed at Vicki and stormed away. Awkward!

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Kelly told HollywoodLife that she isn’t upset at all by Vicki’s demotion. (Warning: the grammar and spelling is a bit rough in this interview.) “I’m glad that she’s demoted because I think she should’ve got demoted a long time ago. But I, you know what, she started the OC,” Kelly stated.

She added, “I really don’t want to talk bad about her because she did pave the way for everybody else. How many franchises are there? She really was the one that started it, and so did my friend Lauri Peterson and she doesn’t have anything really nice to say about Vicki or Tamra, but she was one of the OGs, and she was one of my really good friends. But Vicki just happened to last longer than the original cast.”

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When asked by HollywoodLife how she felt about seeing a lot of Vicki this season, Kelly shared her real feelings about her RHOC co-star.  “I try not to let Vicki bother me. I try not to get upset with her. She does like to antagonize me. She likes to bully me,” Kelly said. “Vicky loves to divide and conquer. That’s what she likes to do, and she does a great job of doing it.”

Kelly also explained why she went to Vicki and Steve’s engagement party. Hmmm…was it because there was an open bar? Just wondering. “I went to her engagement party because A) she invited me to go, and B) I really am trying to not react. I’m really trying to not react to her, you know? I just really want to be positive, and not negative like her. I’m trying to be opposite,” Kelly concluded.

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As for Vicki, she has decided that she won’t leave the show until she is dragged away kicking and screaming fired. She plans to hold on to the show that she helped start until the bitter end. After all, other Housewives have had a smaller role and made a comeback. Shout out to Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes and Real Housewives of New York’s Luann de Lesseps! So, in the crazy and chaotic world of Housewives, anything can happen.


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