90 Day Fiance Alum Larissa Dos Santos Lima Discusses Mental Health Struggles Triggered By Domestic Violence Arrests

Larissa Dos Santos Lima may be living her best life right now.  After a dysfunctional marriage that was documented on 90 Day Fiance, the Brazilian beauty is happy with devoted partner Eric Nichols.  Larissa has become somewhat of an Instagram influencer with posts about dieting, fashion, and cosmetic procedures.

Ex-husband Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie Johnson threatened Larissa with deportation after the dissolution of the marriage.  And after three arrests for domestic violence, Larissa feared for her immigration status.  Luckily, she avoided any jail time and claims that she will be receiving a green card.  But it seems that all the stress of those arrests did come with a price.

In an interview with The Blast, Larissa revealed her mental health struggles.  She claimed that her first arrest triggered a bout of depression that left her completely debilitated.  Some of the fallout was captured on camera.  Larissa often retreated to her bedroom to avoid further confrontation with Colt or Debbie.

In a now deleted Instagram post Larissa said, “I was devastated, emotionally exhausted, and my entire body ached from depression.  Sometimes, I was filmed while being on pain killers.  I couldn’t move, do basic activities, or take care of myself.”

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Larissa recalled the catalyst of that difficult time, “you all know how my marriage started and how it ended in the worst of ways.”

“I now see that my being arrested was a blessing, as I have the knowledge now to give back in a way that would not have been possible if it didn’t happen to me,” Larissa continued, “I am so pleased to say, and so grateful, that the Discovery Group owner of TLC has offered me treatment through this difficult journey.”

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Larissa posted a reflection on her Instagram over the weekend, “to have anxiety and depression, when you are a public person, is sometimes a horrible feeling.  Public figures may have many blessings in life, but are also human beings that feel sadness, fear and pain.”

While Larissa is working through her issues, she does admit to struggling at times.  She said, “you guys always see me smiling and joking around, but I also have my darkest days that I just wishing a hug.  Do good by being conscious of yourself focusing on others.  Did you say ‘I love you’ today?”

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[Photo Credit: TLC]