Kameron Westcott Ashley Jacobs

In July, I was innocently scrolling through Instagram and then I was blindsided by a photo of Kameron Westcott and Ashley Jacobs. Why was a Real Housewives of Dallas star hanging with a wannabe Southern Charm cast member? Have they been friends this whole time?

When Kameron posted that photo, she received a lot of backlash from her followers that watch Southern Charm. She really had no idea what she was getting into when she shared that picture.

Kameron dished on the fan response in a recent interview for the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast.

Kameron shared, “I ran into her for the first time and I don’t watch the show, OK? So I am loving that I got to meet her because I heard about her and I heard that she was from Santa Barbara. I don’t watch the show, so I didn’t know about the drama. It’s funny because I thought she was so sweet in person. Then, I posted a photo and it was like World War III.”

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The RHOD star emphasized, “I literally put down ‘I met her for the first time’ because I didn’t know how she was on camera. I didn’t know how she was in the past.”
For the record, this is the caption that Kameron put: “Teaching all these Californians some Southern Charm. This girl would fit right in in Dallas!! #SantaBarbaraHigh #Locals #FutureDallasHousewife(we’ve never watched each other’s shows) #thisiswhywerefriends #wemettoday.”
Oh no, Kameron. Do not tell this woman that she would be a fit in Dallas. We do not need that.
I would love to know if Kameron went in after the fact to add “we’ve never watched each other’s shows” and “we met today.”
Kameron continued, “She was so lovely in person, so when I heard all this stuff, I thought ‘Apparently, I’ve got to watch the show. I’m really confused.’ People were telling me to run for my life.” Ugh, yeah. You need to be careful, girl.
These are just some of the comments on the post. One fan told Kam, “You picked the wrong gal to bring to Dallas. No thanks!” Another declared, “Literally thought you were awesome until now.”
A different IG user commented, “Runnnnnn.” Another follower warned, “Run Kameron, she will take every bit of serenity and peace in your life and turn it into drama and chaos.”
Danny Pellegrino informed Kameron, “She’s definitely an awful person on the show.” A flustered Kameron responded, “Oh my god! That’s what everyone was telling me! I have to be honest, I just thought it was so funny how everyone was like ‘Run! Run!’ It was like the world was ending because I’m in a photo with Ashley. It was so funny.” If only she knew.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]