Kameron Westcott Teases “Friction” Between Herself And ALL Of The Real Housewives Of Dallas, Except Kary Brittingham

Kameron Westcott just keeps spilling that sweet, sweet tea about this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Recently, the blonde Barbie of RHOD dished on the ever-changing friendship dynamics this season between herself and co-stars Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnne Locken, Brandi Redmond and D’Andra Simmons.

“I would definitely say my friendship with Stephanie surprised me the most,” she admitted to People Now. “And you’ll kind of see our friendship evolve or…have some hiccups. So you’ll get to see that.”

We’re guessing Kam is likely referring to the clip from the season trailer where Stephanie accuses her of making her “feel like [she’s] not good enough.” However, Steph isn’t the only Housewife Kameron clashes with this season — she also butts heads with bestie LeeAnne, and Brandi too!

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LeeAnne and I’s friendship went through a few hiccups,” she said. “But then Brandi and I’s friendship went through a few hiccups; I would say D’Andra and I have probably the most neutral friendship this season, which is shocking.”

While making peace with her former frenemy (the two feuded during Season 3 over D’Andra‘s reputation among the Dallas socialite set) was unexpected, Kameron admitted the dynamic between the two certainly didn’t start out that way as cameras began rolling.

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D’Andra for sure,” she said when asked to name a co-star she was most nervous to see when filming began for Season 4.

Kameron elaborated, “D’Andra and I had a lot of unfinished business. And we had a lot of time where we were separated and we weren’t really hanging out in the group. D’Andra and I are in a positive place, and I’m really happy that we have moved forward in a lot of issues. So I’m happy to say that we are moving in a positive direction.”

Kameron also shared that new ‘Wife Kary Brittingham surprised her the most over the course of filming due to how seamlessly she fit into the group. However, she couldn’t say all the surprises from the rest of the women’s behavior were quite so positive.

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“Every other lady in this group surprised me with somethin,'” Kam said. “Not everything positive, but surprised me with somethin’ negative. Every lady did; there is friction with…a lot of people.”

Hmm, friction such as throwing a napkin in someone’s face, perhaps?


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