Luann de Lesseps Says She Is Still Sober Since Probation Ended; But Shared “I Might Change My Mind”

Real Housewives of New York’s Luann De Lesseps has had a busy couple of years on the legal front. And that is before she became a cabaret super star. On December 24, 2017 Luann was arrested in Palm Beach on several charges, including disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence, and battery on a police officer. The RHONY star went to rehab, but it wouldn’t be the only time.

A lawsuit brought against Luann by her children and ex-husband supposedly caused Luann to begin drinking again. In July of 2018, Luann returned to rehab, with the support of RHONY bestie-at-that-time Bethenny Frankel. In fact, Bethenny was part of the intervention that urged her to seek help.

But maintaining her probation restrictions was tricky for the Cabaret Countess. On April 21, 2019, Luann failed an alcohol test. She admitted to having two mimosas following a cabaret performance. She also declined to wear an alcohol ankle monitor as it would interfere with her cabaret gowns. Now here we have a Housewife whose priorities are in order! Jovani before probation!

In fact, in May of 2019, Luann was ordered back into custody by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office for violating her probation. According to US Weekly, Luann struck a new plea deal which required her to take Antabuse, a medication for alcoholism, and use a breathalyzer monitor. In addition, Luann was also required to have weekly telephone counseling and one in-person monthly visit with her psychiatrist.

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The cabaret performer completed her probation in August. Luann spoke to RadarOnline about the state of her sobriety right now. “For the moment I am not drinking so I’ll see. I’m just taking it one day at a time. I might change my mind. I don’t know,” Luann stated. “I’m happy right now.”

Luann credits several factors for helping her maintain her sobriety. Luann said, “I do yoga. I go to meetings here and there when I can. I try to keep focused.” She also considers the support of her family,  her sober friends, and Countess De Lesseps & Friends cabaret family to be important to her sobriety.

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I am betting that Ramona Singer, who accused Luann of being a secret drinker during the RHONY reunion, isn’t on that friends list. Bethenny probably isn’t either after she suffered a cabaret melt-down in Miami during Season 11 of RHONY. Bethenny confronted Luann about Luann’s narcissistic behavior all season. Bethenny quit the reality show without telling any of her co-stars. Luann has not heard from Bethenny since she left the show but stressed that it is not unheard of for the New York ladies to remain out of touch when they are not filming.

I wonder what Luann’s storyline will be for Season 12 since she won’t be able to clash with Bethenny? I guess there is always Ramona to bicker with. And I am sure we can dread look forward to even more cabaret drama.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]