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Below Deck Mediterranean: Jack Stirrup Got Back With Ex While Dating Aesha Scott

It did seem like Below Deck Mediterranean stars Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup were a perfect match when Season 4 concluded. It was cute while it lasted! And a little bit gross.

However, they are no longer together and Jack did some super shady stuff while they were still dating.

Both Jack and Aesha dished on their romance on a recent episode of the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. Jack confirmed, “We split up.” Then he claimed, “To be honest, when I got home, I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation, and it wasn’t reality. I thought about it all and called it a day.” Sure, Jack. That was definitely why.

Of course, Aesha has a very different version of the story. She divulged, “We left the boat, and then he was like, ‘Oh, I really want you to come to London with me and meet my family.’ But then he’s like, ‘Don’t book a ticket ’til I’ve gone to this wedding, because we’ve got family staying, and it’s really busy, and I don’t know what date we’ll have a room for, but still come.'” She did not meet the family.

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Instead, she got some unwanted social media notifications. Aesha revealed, “And then the next thing I know, because I noticed that his then — I didn’t realize — suddenly girlfriend again, was watching my Instagram Stories. So I went and looked at her Stories, and I see that she’s on the f–king train with him to the wedding and at the wedding with him. And I was just like, ‘Holy s–t, how can you be this f–king mean to someone?’ It was just such a stab in the back.” Yes, it was. And this rekindled relationship is probably why Jack deleted his Instagram account. For now, anyway. What a sticky situation!

After she saw the reunited couple en route to the family wedding, Aesha called Jack. She admitted, “Oh, I was so hurt. I was so pissed off. Like, really, really hurt, just because I knew that we weren’t gonna be anything, you know, because I didn’t want him to be my boyfriend. I knew that we weren’t right. Like, we clicked so well, but I just knew that we weren’t right. But we still had such a strong friendship.”

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They haven’t spoken since the phone call. However, Aesha claimed, “I know through [Travis Michalzik] that he feels really, really bad about it and wants to get in touch and apologize and let me be angry at him.” How bad could he really feel though? He’s dating someone else.

And apparently, this woman is very angry about his showmance with Aesha. Aesha shared, “The chick that he’s with is a f–king bitch. She like messaged me, being like, ‘Stop calling my boyfriend.’ I was like, ‘I’m f–king calling him to break up with him because I don’t know what’s going on.’ And so if he’s this weak, cowardly kind of guy — which I love him, but he is — if you’ve got a woman breathing down your neck being like, ‘Don’t you f–king talk to her or we’re done kind of thing,’ then I can understand how he cowered to that.” Wow. Aesha does not deserve this drama.

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Still, she has managed to maintain her sense of humor through all this. Aesha added, “But joke’s gonna be on him because she’s gonna have to watch us be all romantic all season. So I don’t think they’re gonna last through the season, to be honest.” We shall see! But, that had to be hard for this woman to watch, especially with all the fans shipping Jack and Aesha.

During the After Show, Jack said, “I’d like to be, but obviously it’s a hard situation to be in, isn’t it?” Wow. That’s some nerve! #TeamAesha on this one.


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