Did Below Deck Mediterranean Star Travis Michalzik Ever Hear From The Charter Guest He Gave A Note To?

The latest group of charter guests to booze cruise through the Med shamelessly ogled the deck crew.  The sexual comments and liquor kept flowing with these ladies on Below Deck Mediterranean.  Captain Sandy Yawn even had to rescue Jack Stirrup from a herd of thirsty ladies that infiltrated the bridge.  Whether Jack wanted assistance or not is another story.

Travis Michalzik set his sights on one charter guest that he nicknamed “Blondie,” aka Natalie.  When the group departed, Travis slipped Blondie a piece of paper.  If Natalie had seen Travis after an off night, passed out and reeking of alcohol, we could guess what happened to that piece of paper.  But since Travis was his polished and charming self at the time, it does raise the question; did Natalie ever contact Travis?

Travis revealed to Bravo’s The Daily Dish whether he had further contact with her.  Bosun Joao Franco also described the risk that Travis took when he handed over that piece of paper.

Joao explained, “It’s a huge no-no in the industry.  I mean the moment you cross that line, it’s almost an immediate firing offense.  No matter what.  I wish I hadn’t seen it, but, it was a matter of where do I go from here.”

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Joao asked Colin Macy O’Toole for advice.  He said, “I was torn and I asked Colin.  I said, ‘So lets just say hypothetically speaking, if someone did something wrong that you weren’t happy about and you knew that the Captain wasn’t happy about but you’re all in such a good position right now, what would you do?'”

Colin advised Joao to “let it go.”  Well said, Colin.

Travis regrets nothing.  However, it seems the action didn’t achieve the desired result.  He said, “you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.  No biscuit for me.”

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Natalie did add Travis on Instagram a few weeks later though.  The exchanges they had were not very encouraging.  Travis explained, “When people message me, I judge them a lot on how they write.  So she wrote like really s–t, just short comments.  You know when you ask someone a question and they just reply to it.  But you always ask a question back don’t ya?”

Natalie’s brusqueness was a clear sign to Travis.  He concluded, “Then I go, well, I’m f–ing out of here.  You win some you lose some.”

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So what kind of messages would get Travis’s attention?  “I really like punctuation,” he said, “If you get multiple lines, especially, give me four lines with some punctuation.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]