Gina Kirschenheiter Open To Marrying New Boyfriend Travis Mullen

Finally, some good news for Gina Kirschenheiter! No, she did not get a new stylist. Or a new makeup artist. Or a new hairdresser. She is in a new relationship! This is something that her Real Housewives of Orange County costar Tamra Judge recently revealed, even though it’s none of her business and Gina is in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle right now.

Gina’s new man is Travis Mullen. Even though their relationship is new, she is open to getting remarried for a storyline. The ink on her divorce papers isn’t even dry. She and Matt Kirschenheiter are still husband and wife until December. But, she does have a restraining order against him, so it’s not as if they’re hanging out on the reg.

According to an Us Weekly interview, Gina thought, “It’s just a piece of paper, it’s just a contract — I’m not doing that again. There’s no reason, I already have my children. Being in this new relationship has kind of opened my mind a little bit to possibly, maybe [getting remarried]. So you never know. I’m staying open.”

Additionally, she told Us Weekly, “We got set up through a friend and I don’t think either of us were expecting to like each other, you know? We just did, and it’s really easy and comfortable.”

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Anything has to be easier than her relationship with Matt. He cheated on her, had an apartment three hours away that Gina had never seen, and he (allegedly) threatened to kill her in front of their kids. Pretty much anyone is an upgrade after that.

And it looks like he’s already met her three children. Gina told the publication, “He has kids as well, so that’s good. Everyone gets along. Our kids are, like, the same age, too.” Well, that was quick.

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Gina shared, “It’s just [been] a couple of months. So it’s still new, but we definitely spend a lot of time together. I would say feelings developed quicker than maybe they would if we weren’t able to see each other so much, so it’s nice.” Plus, he (probably) has a license and can drive her around so she doesn’t have to call an Uber to take her kids to the beach. Gina lost her license following her DUI.

Of course, she’s angling to stay on the show for another season. Matt lost his job and she has three kids to feed and loads of platinum hair extensions to buy. She told Us Weekly, “I’m hopeful that maybe [Travis] would film, but I don’t want to put anything on anyone they’re not comfortable doing.”

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If Travis doesn’t appear on the show, you can catch a glimpse of him on Gina’s Instagram page. She posted a photo of them pretending to laugh a candid photo. She even wore matching, grey shirts. Oh, boy.

She got cast on the show (somehow) when her husband refused to film. If she’s with another man who refuses to take part in the show, what are we left with? I can only take so much of Gina’s patterned leggings new friendship with Shannon Beador. I’m gonna need a little more if she’s back next season.

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