Gina Kirschenheiter Pleads Guilty To DUI; Avoids Jail Time

Vicki Gunvalson who? Real Housewives of Orange County has a new season coming up and the players are ready. Gina Kirschenheiter has been keeping busy in her personal life. She is bringing so much scandal and drama, the OG from the OC might not even be missed. When Gina first appeared on the scene, viewers learned her marriage wasn’t exactly fairy tale material. Husband Matt Kirschenheiter suspiciously worked in Los Angeles and did not live with his family. After Gina admitted being on RHOC didn’t do her marriage any favors, she filed for divorce in April 2018.

Then the mom of three started running into trouble. On January 3 of this year, she blew through a stop sign and was cited for a traffic violation. No big deal, right? Then Gina was arrested under a DUI suspicion on February 1st. She spoke out about her arrest and made no excuses for her poor decision to drive after drinking. On February 6, Gina was pulled over again because she was on her cell phone while driving. She is now on a first name basis with the local police department. You might think things have settled down for Gina, but you would be wrong. Gina’s DUI arrest has been addressed in court, but her problems are far from over.

Gina has a list of issues she needs to handle in her life, but she can at least check one box. Us Weekly has confirmed the RHOC star pleaded guilty to driving under the influence on Tuesday, July 9. According to court documents, Gina copped to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of alcohol and one misdemeanor count of driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or more. Her sentence included three years’ probation and must submit to six months in an offender alcohol program. She must also complete 20 hours of community service.

A source shared this about her arrest, “She [Gina] has been candid about this being a stupid mistake from the beginning. She’s into taking accountability for her actions and knows it was a mistake and wants to move forward.”

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Gina seemed to move forward alright. If forward meant going back with husband Matt. But that all went to crap in a big way. The woman who claimed she would have the most amicable divorce in history (cue Shannon Beador’s eye-rolling), was ALLEGEDLY assaulted by her husband. On June 22, Matt was arrested for domestic violence. With very few details available in the situation, apparently, Matt was not officially charged and subsequently released on $0 bail. Gina has given a detailed account of what Matt supposedly did and has since filed a restraining order against her estranged husband.

Now that Gina has taken care of her DUI situation, hopefully, she can better address the mess going on with her husband. She has stated this was not Matt’s first time being violent. However, after praising her relationship with Matt, as recent as Father’s Day, things obviously went left again quickly. It is assumed her alcohol-related arrest will be featured on this season of RHOC. We’ll see what else Gina serves up when the OC Housewives return on August 6.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]