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Brandi Glanville Has Advice For Gina Kirschenheiter: “Never Marry A Hot Guy”

Gina Kirschenheiter has been having a terrible year. She went through a messy divorce from Matt Kirschenheiter. In February, Gina was arrested for a DUI, which she later pled guilty to. She has also missed some of her court dates. Matt was arrested for and later charged with domestic violence against her. It is clear on this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County that Gina is overwhelmed with her chaotic life.

OC friends like Emily Simpson have rallied around Gina. Her pain has even resulted in empathy from Shannon Beador, with whom she has had a frosty relationship. With all of Gina’s problems, she could probably use some good advice from someone who has been down a similar road. And who better–or worse–to give that advice than the messiest Housewife divorcee of all, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

Brandi recently shared some wisdom for Gina in an episode of her YouTube series Drinking and Tweeting with Brandi Glanville. Yes, Brandi has launched a YouTube series! Filmed on her bed, negligee-clad, drink in hand Brandi fumbles with note cards to stay on track. I know you have been waiting for this show years!

In her first piece of advice for Gina, Brandi declared, “You know, I think the lesson I could tell Gina is to not ever marry a hot guy because there’s just too much p*ssy on the fly–and I just realized that rhymed.” She also added, “But, there’s p*ssy everywhere when you have a got guy with you.”

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Did Brandi come up with this brilliant assertion on her own–or did she read it in a self-help book for wayward divorcees? My guess would be the former as it has Brandi written all over it.

Sagacious Brandi also recommended to Gina, “You have to marry down. You have to like couple up with someone uglier and a little shorter and a little fatter than you.” Wouldn’t that be a great opening line on a dating website–“Looking for someone I perceive as beneath me so will you never leave me.” I am sure people would jump on that hot opportunity!

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Luckily for Gina, Brandi doesn’t save all of her wisdom for dating and marriage. She also has some beauty tips for Long Island Gina. Brandi shared, “When you get a divorce, no drastic hair changes Gina. No platinum blonde. No plastic surgery. Like, I know you didn’t do that. But you have to stick, trust me. I know this. You’re roots were everything. Don’t do the platinum. And I get it. It’s just f**ked.”

That kind of advice I kind of get. In Gina’s talking heads, she almost looks like a different person with her new hair. But, of all the decisions someone could make during a divorce, a hair color change is amongst the easiest to remedy. And we have seen that Gina has made far worse decisions since her split. Enjoy your brassy platinum locks, Gina!

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Brandi also took it upon herself to give Gina a few sex tips. Cougar Brandi fancies herself an expert in this area, so I hope Gina is taking notes! Brandi advised, “I will say, just remember, f*ck down, get like not great d*ck. But get great d*ck on the side and get like a limp d*ck for full-time.” Keep it classy like always, Brandi!

Why did Brandi decide to offer up some advice to Gina? It might be because she considers Gina a kindred spirit. Brandi stated, “We’re the same person in a weird way. But you’re younger–I mean slightly younger.” Maybe we should just settle on “quite a bit younger” and call it a day.

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Are Brandi and Gina really similar? While both have been involved in ugly public divorces and have gotten themselves in trouble with alcohol, Gina is probably not in any immediate danger of turning into the next Brandi Glanville. At least, let’s hope not!


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