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Shahs Of Sunset Star Reza Farahan Takes Legal Action Against Mike Shouhed Over Clothing Line

Is Reza Farahan mad at the world or just people he appears with on television? As you know, the Shahs of Sunset star isn’t getting along with former BFF, Mercedes “MJ” Javid. And that’s putting it mildly. After allegedly putting sensitive medical information of MJ’s on blast, the two have had a severe falling out. MJ’s husband got involved when he took his anger over Reza’s treatment of MJ out on Reza’s lawn furniture. That little display of loyalty got Tommy Feight ten days in the slammer.

While I think Tommy will do okay in his short stint behind bars, Reza has now turned his ire towards a different co-star. He is focusing on former BFF, Mike Shouhed. Does Reza’s lack of mustache make him more intolerable or what? In any case, Reza is seeing red over a t-shirt line Mike has featuring Reza’s likeness. Despite the fact that these shirts have been around for 4+ years, Reza has apparently been bitten by the cease and desist bug.

Looks like a whole lot of drama is ahead for the Shahs next season. We have a pregnant Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, which will certainly shake things up. We have MJ and her new baby, a first for this particular crew. Bringing up the rear, both figuratively and literally will be Reza and his multiple lawsuits. Reza already had a go at MJ’s husband Tommy for his landscaping techniques, and now Reza is targeting Mike.

According to Page Six, Reza is threatening legal action against Mike regarding his t-shirt line. Mike recently posted a screenshot of a cease and desist letter sent by Reza’s legal team. The letter demands for Mike to discontinue making shirts for his True Gold clothing line that features Reza’s face. The documents state his image was being used “without Mr. Farahan’s consent”. Now would be a good time to mention Reza has seen Mike wearing these suspicious shirts directly in front of his face in the past.

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The papers read, “You [Mike] are selling and/or offering for sale articles of clothing misappropriating Mr. Farahan’s name, image and other indicia of personality.” Well, there goes Reza’s chance to be a t-shirt icon… “The selling and offering for sale of the Infringing Products violates our client’s unfair competition rights and rights of personality and public laws.” Just so you know, the shirt has a big old graphic of Reza’s face with the saying, “Reza Is My Homeboy” underneath. Gosh, how does Mike keep them in stock (eye roll)?

OK! Magazine shared Mike’s social media response to receiving the attorney’s note. “Gawdamn! GUESS HE’S ‘NOT MY HOMEBOY!’ LOL. What’s the f**king world come too. This what happens when dude got his panties in a bunch!” Reza’s panties must be awfully bunched up to go the legal route instead of just texting his buddy, right? Mike added, “You [Reza] could of just texted me and we [would have] handled this like 1.5 men, instead of making your cousin write this letter.” Oooooo, they could have handled it like 1.5 men. I do love a subtle burn.

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As Reza’s “former friends” list grows, MJ commented on the situation. “Taking legal action on your best friends is really ‘cool’ Just when you thought [Reza] couldn’t sink any lower, he did! Get your TrueGold T’s today at for you #CashCars #MJisMyHomeGirl #DoolTalah.” These guys really love t-shirts, sheesh. While it’s no surprise MJ is #TeamMike, it seems GG is going to hang tough with Reza. She posted a cryptic statement seemingly directed at the guy with the ALLEGED Golden Dool. “A year later and the toxic people I walked away with are still in the same place. I made the right decision [to walk away from them],” GG wrote. Yes, GG is so good about making right decisions. Said no one ever. Reza replied to GG’s comment with, “Amen” and several praying-hands emojis…

Remember the simpler times when all these guys did was drink and cheat on their significant others? My how things have changed. Bravo has no air date for the new season of Shahs, but it looks like it is going to be a doozy.

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