Drunken Charter Guests Continue To Wreak Havoc On Below Deck

Tonight Below Deck meets Survivor when a challenging (re: drunk) charter guest causes extreme chaos and issues arise down below with a power struggle for control of service! Who will win: Kate Chastain or chef Kevin Dobson?!

After extremely drunk (Let’s be honest that woman was on something!) charter guest Brandy is evacuated back to the boat during a beach picnic she continues to stress out the crew with wasted antics that have Captain Lee Rosbach deciding to call for medical attention.

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All the chaos means people’s heads aren’t on their duties and Brian de Saint Pern accidentally breaks an expensive piece of deck equipment. When Brian is confronted by Ashton Pienaar, he does not take the constructive criticism well. This combined with Abbi Murphy‘s continued feelings of inadequacy is causing Ashton to feel like he’s losing control of his crew.

Tanner Sterback is totally fine on deck, but when he decides to get his personal life involved in Below Deck, things don’t go as planned when he’s stood up for a date.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s arrogance and obstinance officially cross the line when his chaotic dinner plans offend  Captain Lee two dinners in a row.

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Finally, Ashton’s trouble with Brian culminates when he tries to swoop in on Courtney Skippon‘s affections, but – surprise, surprise – Courtney isn’t interested. Maybe if Ashton dressed up like a seafood platter and covered himself in clams, shellfish, lobster… and let Courtney play the jellyfish she’d bite.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]