Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Says Chef Kevin Robson Is “A Tad Too Arrogant” For His Taste

Has there ever been a humble chef in Below Deck history? At the moment, I cannot think of one. Some of them have at least waited a few episodes before unleashing their crazy and getting demanding.

Chef Kevin Dobson has been very critical of the interior crew, with a list of demands for Kate Chastain and her team. However, it’s not like he’s been Mr. Perfect himself. During the last episode, he yelled at Simone Mashile for no reason. He also failed to order seafood for a “seafood extravaganza”-themed dinner. Seriously, he didn’t order one seafood item. Instead, he just expected the inebriated guests to return to the boat with success from their fishing trip. Now, Captain Lee Rosbach is sounding off on the new Below Deck chef.

In an interview with Decider, Captain Lee began, “I don’t dislike him.” That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. However, it’s not enough to assume that Captain Lee books Kevin on a flight home.

In that same interview, Captain Lee remarked, “Would he and I go hang out together? Probably not. I find him a tad too arrogant for my taste. Without that much to be arrogant about.” I feel the same, Captain Lee. It’s not as if he’s really earned his stripes. He’s also rude as hell for no discernible reason.

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It’s only a matter of time before teacher’s pet Kate snaps back at Kevin. And we all know how close Captain Lee and Kate are. He’s also going to side with her. Not only that, but Kevin is just way too big for his britches.

Who does this guy think he is? Ben Robinson with the endless complaints and refusal to help with provisions? Adrian Martin with the zen attitude and unwanted sexual advances? Anastasia Surmava with an inflated ego that she attributes to her pastry chef lineage? Adam Glick with those onions no one asked for? Well, on second thought he fits right in with the previous chefs on these shows.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]