TEMPTATION ISLAND -- "The Walk of Shame" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Kate Griffith -- (Photo by: Mario Perez/USA Network)

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Walk Of Shame

Temptation Island has truly mastered the art of crafting a good cliffhanger. Every week a bombshell is dropped and we are left hanging at the end of each episode. And last week was no exception. I needed a bonfire to find some closure after that hot mess! 

Last we saw, it looked like a threesome was in the works with David Benavidez, Payton Burgess and Samantha Hoffman. Payton threw herself at David to make Casey Starchak jealous, and Samantha threw herself at him to steer him away from Toneata Morgan and Kari Nesheim. I really hope these women end up realizing that David is no prize to fight over. 

David’s dream of a threesome got crushed however, because as soon as things got hot and heavy with and Payton, Samantha shooed her off to go find Casey. Womp womp. Better luck next time, David. 

Detective Medinah Ali had a new case to solve, why was Casey putting all the girls in the “friend zone?” Casey admitted that he wouldn’t care if Ashley Howland left him, even though he told he loved her, because he would just go back to his old lifestyle of hooking up with random girls. Ice cold! 

Medinah pointed out that if that’s how he feels, he should be trying to see if he can find love with the other girls on the island. Then, Payton showed up just in time for Medinah to present her findings. She said, “Casey is, in fact, an asshole.” Case closed! Casey then whined that his girlfriend never called him an asshole, and stormed off. 

Over at the girls’ villa, tensions are high between Ashley Goldson and KB Brown. Ashley still can’t get over that KB put her in the friend zone right after they hooked up. They were supposed to ride off into the sunset together! As Ashley grilled KB on what his intentions were, he was literally pressing himself up against a wall. 

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Walk Of Shame

Ashley H. was cuddled up next to Deac Conti pondering about who to take out on a date. She decided that if she took out Ben Knobloch again she’d upset Casey, so she asked Deac if he would go out with her. 

The next morning at the guy’s villa, Samantha crawled out of David’s bed to walk “the walk of shame.” It’s not 100% certain they slept together, but I can say I am 100% certain that David’s relationship with Kate Griffith is over once she sees that footage. 

David cried crocodile tears during his confessional. He can’t believe he did that to Kate! Oh puh-lease, spare us the fakery. He’s probably really upset over the fact that Payton left and he didn’t get to live out his dream of having a threesome. 

Over breakfast, all the girls are gossiped as to what happened last night with David. Colleen Powers told Toneata that every night David says, “Three-way! Whose having it?” Toneata wondered if she should approach David or just let him be and see what he does. I say run away as far as you can! 

David knows his reputation isn’t the greatest at the moment, so he went right over to Samantha to ask her out on a date. He fed her some lines about having a deep connection and she took the bait. Samantha needs to sign up for a self-esteem building workshop asap, this guy is no good and she knows it.

Casey decided to do damage control and ask Payton out on a date. I think Casey wants to be liked by everyone, and it drove him nuts that Payton and Medinah called him out on his crap. It would have been amazing if Payton had told him “thanks, but no thanks.” But instead, she let her feelings the best of her and said yes. 

At the girls’ villa, Ashley G. is in her usual position hiding under the covers. She’s upset she moved fast with KB, but reasoned he reminded her of Rick Fleur. Well, there is a new Rick in town, and he does not act like KB. As Jose Rodriguez tried to coax her out into the living, he shared he’s interested in her but she seemed off limits because KB was in her bed every night. 

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Walk Of Shame

Esonica Veira kept it real with Kareem Thomas. She shared she knows she’s more reserved than the other girls, but she really likes spending time with him. Kareem joked in his confessional that he’s biding his time until Gavin Rocker messes up. Well, he might be in luck once Esonica sees Payton’s foot all up in Gavin’s mouth. I don’t know how Gavin can come back from that.

Dominique Price badgered Kate to send him home if she won’t date him. Kate let him know she does have feelings for him, but is going to be respectful of her relationship. Ashley H. must have sensed trouble, because she ran over and kicked Dominique out so Kate could ask Aden Twer out instead. Ask Kate asked Aden, Dominique yelled for her to send him home. Desperation is not attractive. 

For the guys’ dates, they all go jet skiing. Gavin granted Mia Metcalf’s wish to get out of the house and have some fun. He hoped he would impress her with his jet ski driving skills. Of course Rick asked Medinah out. He liked how she is getting him out of his comfort zone. Medinah said she felt like he was her boyfriend. I can’t say I disagree, they make a cute couple.

During their date, Payton told Casey the other girls said he keeps talking about wanting to marry his girlfriend. Casey again ignored Payton’s feelings, or any sense of decorum, and bluntly stated that yeah, he decided he wants to marry Ashley after all. Eye roll. I really hope that at the end, Ashley serves him a cold dose of reality and shuts him down. Casey needs to learn there are two people in a relationship and not everything is about him.

Meanwhile, Ashley is not thinking about marrying Casey, she is too busy fishing for compliments from Deac. Unbeknownst to her, Deac is getting frustrated with her indecisiveness. One minute she likes him, the next Ben, and then the next minute it’s Casey. Deac needs to chill out.

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Walk Of Shame

On the beach, Kareem asked Esonica if Gavin would be cool with her asking him out on three dates in a row. Esonica retorted that he better be fine with it because he brought her here. Kareem said he is being respectful but Gavin should be worried because he is the “tempter.”

That evening at the guys’ villa, the girls ask Payton how her date went. She told them she doesn’t understand why Casey is even here if he knows he wants to get married to his girlfriend. Rachel Hamel still thinks she has a chance though. She told Casey in the hot tub that they have a connection with out being annoying, ahem like Payton. Best of luck Rachel, you’re gonna need it with that one. 

David put on his best “I’m innocent” glasses, and turned on the charm to woo Toneata back. He said he’s upset about his behavior and how it made him look, especially to her because they have such a good connection. This the same line of bull he fed Samantha earlier. And just like Samantha, Toneata took the bait because he’s a “good guy” who just “had a bad night.” Come on girls, you can do better!

Medinah decided she’s had enough of Rick pushing her away. It’s time for some action! So she hopped into bed with him and threw herself at him. Rick seemed torn, but looked like he went along with it. Whatever they did, Ashely G. is not going to be happy.

The next morning, Dominique surprised Kate with a heart shaped apology made of Hershey kisses. Kate was charmed by the effort, and noted that David never did anything like that. I’m sure the only thing David ever did to apologize was bat his eyelashes and pout out his bottom lip.

Deac vented his frustrations with Ashley H. to Ben. Ben predicted the next bonfire will prove if Casey is a stand up guy or not. Deac hoped for the worst so he can be “a shoulder to cry on.” Ew. Ben has faith that Ashley will see through Deac’s B.S., but I think he’s giving her too much credit. 

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Walk Of Shame

And now the moment we’ve been waiting for… bonfire! Mark L. Walberg sat down with the guys and said they need to think about if they are with the right person or if there is someone better. David told Mark he was upset with his behavior but what happened was emotionless. David is truly dead inside, isn’t he? 

Then, David got shown footage of Kate joking with the guys to invade her space, and of her cuddling with Dominique. David couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic, but what he saw didn’t seem serious. He said he was upset with himself, so much so that he actually cried twice. I wonder if that meant a total of two tears?

Gavin watched footage of Esonica complaining to Kareem that Gavin does’t compliment her enough. Instead of thinking about what she said, he got defensive. He said he does compliment her, but she made it sound like that never happens. And Gavin can’t go over his max limit of one compliment a day! Get it together, Gavin! Kareem is waiting in the wings.

Rick muttered, “I don’t even want to look.” I can’t blame him. This time he got shown footage of Ashley G. asking KB if she can touch his penis. Rick’s reaction was on point when he said, “What the f*ck?” He said he came here originally for her, but now he’s focusing on making himself a better person. Too bad this mature outlook is totally missed on David and Casey.

Speaking of, Casey gets to go next. He watched Ashley H. tell Deac how much she liked him. Casey spun it as Ashley just likes him as a person and it’s nothing serious. Mark was not having that! Mark proposed, what if it’s not what he thinks? What if she finds a “new and improved Casey” that’s not him? I think a rude awakening is coming for him and I am here for it!

As the girls go into the bonfire, Kate is expecting the worst because of what she saw David do in the hot tub with Toneata. Oh girl, you have no idea what is coming. Ashley G. goes first however. She gets shown footage of Rick and Medinah making out in the pool, and then fooling around in bed. She goes into full breakdown mode. She said she and KB are in the friend zone because she is still emotionally tied to Rick, and it’s upsetting to see him with the same girl like he’s been with her forever. That handcuff comment really had a spiraling effect.

Esonica went next and watched Gavin shove Payton’s foot in his mouth. Needless to say, she was disgusted and shared she did not want to kiss Gavin ever again. Then she sarcastically said she can’t believe she forgot to add the rule that he couldn’t put other people’s feet in his mouth. Her zingers at the bonfire are the best. Gavin, don’t mess this up with her!

Ashely H. went back to her old ways and started crying before she even saw the clip. She gets shown Casey claiming he would be fine if Ashley left him, even after he told her he loved her, because he can go back to his old ways. Ashely was rightfully upset with that and felt that he lied to her about his feelings. 

Last up is Kate. They have to know by now that whoever goes last is going to see the absolute worse thing, right? And that’s exactly what happened. Kate got shown footage of David showering with Samantha, and then fooling around in bed with Payton and Samantha.

Kate was stunned into silence. Ashley H. spoke for the group when she dropped her jaw and exclaimed, “What the f*ck?” And in typical Temptation Island fashion, we have yet another amazing cliff hanger. 


[Photo Credit: Mario Perez/USA Network]