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Alexis Bellino Says She’s Not Friends With Vicki Gunvalson After Vicki Said She Couldn’t Be Because Of Tamra Judge

Before Vicki Gunvalson hugged it out with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador at the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 reunion, Vicki was still in touch with RHOC alum Alexis Bellino. You know, the woman who Tamra infamously nicknamed “Jesus Jugs.”

This was probably because Tamra and Shannon refused to acknowledge Vicki. Now that the Tres Amigas are (unfortunately) going strong, Vicki’s relationship with Alexis no longer exists. Is that a coincidence? Alexis says it’s not.

In an interview with toofab, Alexis revealed, “I used to be friends with Vicki until she became shady mady, and so now I’m not friends with her either anymore.” The phrase “shady mady” can refer to so many things. It could be a reference the Brooks Ayers “I’m being nailed to the cross like Jesus was” era. Or simply a description of Vicki reigniting her alliance friendships with Tamra and Shannon in her quest for camera time.

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Then, Alexis said, “I’ve cut it off. She doesn’t even know it.” Well, she does now.

Alexis claimed that Vicki ” told another Housewife she can’t be friends with me because of Tamra, and I’m like, ‘Ha! Bitch, okay! Well, guess what? I’m not your friend! You just lost a friend! It’s not your choice anymore. You’re out. Go be Team Tamra.'” And Team Tamra is a tough team to be on. I don’t know what is worse: being a member of Team Tamra or an opponent. Tamra’s loyal friends get thrown under the bus and shit talked constantly. And, of course, they became the scapegoat for Tamra’s snake-like shit-stirring antics. And, well, obviously, being against Team Tamra comes with its own vile side effects. There are basically just losers in this situation. No one wins.

No one is at all surprised that Vicki dropped anyone to be back in Queen Tamra’s good graces. Alexis’s story is completely believable.

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