Exclusive BravoCon Interview: Cameran Eubanks Wants 2020 To Be Shep Rose’s “Come Up Year”

Southern Charm is all about the boys club and their antics, but there is one woman who has been around since day one: Cameran Eubanks.

She has been a confidante during rough times and she’s not afraid to dish out some tough love when necessary. Her good friend Craig Conover has truly got his act together, sewing pillows and opening restaurants. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Shep Rose. He just keeps inserting his foot into his mouth over and over again. Last season was rough for Shep. The off-season was even worse when he posted that video mocking a homeless woman collecting cans. He made things worse when he defended himself, but eventually apologized. But, was it too little too late? Can Shep redeem himself at this point? Cameran dished on that possibility in an exclusive interview with Reality Tea during BravoCon.

We asked Cameran to name the “most challenging castmate” on Southern Charm. As expected, she didn’t hesitate to name Shep. Up until recently, she might have said Craig, but not anymore.

Cameran told us, “My most challenging castmate is Shep. I feel like he is my long-term project.” Yeah, “long-term” sounds about right. She will probably have to work on this “project” for a while. Luckily for Shep, Cameran is a very dedicated friend.

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Cameran reflected, “Craig has really made strides. He’s made changes. I’m hoping that 2020 is going to be Shep’s come up year. I’m praying that it is. He’s 40 now.” I’m hoping that 2020 is Shep’s year too. He used to be so fun to watch. He was the perfect level of trouble to entertain us all. Nowadays, it’s just a little too cringe-worthy to watch. But, I do have to say that Shep’s dog Little Craig has redeemed Shep in my eyes, just a tiny bit though.

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[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]