Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Raised $25,000 For Bahamas Hurricane Tragedy

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Shepard Rose -- (Photo by: Bravo)

Finally some good news regarding Shep Rose. And boy does he need it. Last year, fans of Southern Charm saw a more sinister side of Shep. He engaged in a one-man battle with Austen Kroll’s latest paramour because she rejected him wouldn’t take his crap. He further maligned his buddy’s life by bringing two escorts women Austen had previously not hooked up with to a party. If that wasn’t enough, Shep may or may not have passed an STD along to Danni Baird back in the day. Of course he felt the need to share this with loose-lipped Austen. Danni, who literally does nothing to anyone, suffered in the fallout of that alleged medical mishap.

After filming wrapped Shep’s reputation didn’t improve. He received a great deal of valid backlash after shaming a homeless woman on social media. That stupid stunt caused Shep to delete his Twitter and crawl into a cocoon of shame. Thankfully, Shep’s off-camera life now seems to be in an upswing. After the Bahamas was basically leveled in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, Shep actually stepped in to help. Let’s hope this positive move is the first step on his redemption tour.

Horrible tragedy in the Bahamas. Conditions are bleak in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. It particularly impacted Craig Conover, who occasionally lives in Abacos. In times like this we often see celebrities lending their fame, talent, and own finances to aid those in need. Exhibit A: Bethenny Frankel. The former Real Housewives of New York star has been a driving force in supplying food, water, cash cards in areas impaired by natural disasters. So no matter what you might think of Beth, she has earned a lot of leeway via being a good human.

Now Shep has been inspired to grant assistance in a very unfortunate situation. In an interview with People, Shep said, “It just broke my heart to see what was happening.” Shep put on his big boy pants and proceeded to release a limited Shep Gear hat with the Bahamas flag. ALL of the proceeds were donated to storm relief.

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Shep provided some details about his hat for sale. “I made these hats with the Bahamas flag on them and was like, ‘Let’s see what happens’.” Shep wound up raising a healthy $25,000 for donation. While it might not seem like a ton of money, every bit helps. Shep said it made him “very proud” to participate in raising money for such an “amazing place”.

Craig did his part in the effort as well. A Bahamas-inspired lobster pillow, designed by Craig, was listed for sale and those proceeds were donated to the relief. Shep seemed moved by the hurricane devastation as he reflected on time he has spent in the Bahamas. “It is gone. It’s insane, and it was such a special place. Is a special place,” Shep shared. “All these little islands and restaurants and bars, and everybody has a boat and then jumps over and everybody knows each other. It’s just so beautiful.” It’s refreshing to see Shep using his powers for good this time. Hopefully this act of generosity and kindness will encourage him to do more.

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Overall, Shep seemed pleased with how his charity worked out. “We’re very happy to be able to help,” he said. Now that the future of Southern Charm remains unclear, we’ll have to keep up with the cast in their lives away from the cameras. As for Shep, he is doing okay for now. “Sometimes I can get down on myself, but I think I’m happy,” he admitted. “And if I can help people, that’s awesome.” It is awesome. Keep doing more of that.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]