Cameran Eubanks Says She Is “Officially Eating Crow” After Giving Craig Conover A Hard Time Over His Pillow Business

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover was a man with a dream. An unusual dream, to be sure. He wanted to make pillows. Craig found something he loved to do and hoped to start a business based on his passion–which is many people’s fantasy, isn’t it? However, Craig wasn’t quite sure how to turn his love of sewing into a business reality, as viewers witnessed over several seasons.

Unfortunately, Craig had many pillow naysayers along the way. Former girlfriend Naomie Olindo was doubtful of his ambition and follow through. Shep Rose made fun of Craig’s lack of direction. Matriarch Patricia Altschul had to put a planned pillow collaboration with Craig on hold because of his inability to complete the work. Co-star Cameran Eubanks has also been hard on Craig over the years. Now, Cameran is making amends for some of the doubt she has expressed about Craig and his pillow dreams.

In a recent Instagram post, Cameran shared a photo of herself at one of Craig’s pillow events. She stated, “For years I’ve given Craig shit. I told him there would be no future in pillows and he better start practicing law. Well, Tonight I stood in a long line of women (and men) who were all waiting to get their pillows signed by Craig. I’m officially eating crow.”

It is nice to actually see someone take accountability for things they have said in the past and admit they were wrong. Kudos to you, Cameran. We won’t hold you to eating crow. Partly because we know you often eat with your mouth open!

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Southern Charmer Craig began his online pillow business, Sewing Down South, earlier this year. Since then, the business has taken off, with Craig hosting pillow parties in different cities. He even sold out of merchandise in an hour at his first store launch. Which is pretty impressive considering where he was in his life a few years ago.

Craig’s buddy Cameran has witnessed him following his passion in a way that has paid off. She declared, “I’m proud of you @caconover for not listening to the naysayers (me included) and for following your dream and your heart. I hope you retire on pillow money. Carpe Diem and God Bless America.”

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Fans know that Craig has often been a bit of a ne’er do well in the past, but it is clear he has found his niche. Even though Craig has a law degree and passed the South Carolina bar exam, he probably just wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. At least one in which he had to follow other people’s rules. Like showing up to work on time.

Recently, Craig stated that he hoped that his newfound success would be highlighted on the rumored next season of Southern Charm. That would be a storyline worth watching. Maybe we will see ol’ Shep “eating a little crow.” Craig could even make Shep and Cameran limited edition “crow” throw pillows!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]