Camille Grammer Responds To Kelsey Grammer’s Claim She Asked For A Divorce The Day Of His Mother’s Funeral

Before the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, most of us probably did not know who Camille Grammer was. We might have had a vague idea she was the wife of Kelsey Grammer, but beyond that, she was relatively anonymous. All that changed in a big way once Camille became a Housewife. By the end of season 1, Camille was well-known to Bravo fans for her snarky personality and feud with co-star Kyle Richards. And then her marriage ended in a very public way, with Kelsey leaving her for another woman.

Since Camille and Kelsey’s split in 2010, she has taken many public digs at him. For his part, Kelsey has largely remained silent, getting in an occasional zinger towards his ex. Kelsey’s mostly zipped lips opened up in a recent interview in which he alleged Camille asked him for a divorce right after he had a heart attack and on the day of his mother’s funeral. In the interview, he referred to Camille as his “third wife.” Kelsey also said the amount of talking Camille has done about him publicly is “pathetic.” Of course, we all knew Camille would answer back. And she has.

In a Twitter post, Camille responded to Kelsey’s claims. Regarding Kelsey’s allegations she asked him for a divorce at a difficult time, Camille stated, “This is not true. My parents were with us in the Hamptons when we received the news about his moms passing. We consoled him and flew back to LA to make arrangements for her funeral. It’s unfortunate that he is rewriting history.”

There is no way of knowing who is accurate in this he-said, she-said scenario. As the events in question happened over a decade ago, it probably doesn’t matter much anyway. Except, of course, to Camille and Kelsey.

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Since Camille struggles with leaving well enough alone, she then responded to a Twitter user’s comment about her alleged poor behavior towards Kelsey on the day of his mother’s funeral. Camille tweeted, “Nothing really bad happened the day of her funeral except he [Kelsey] got drunk with his friends.”

As Kelsey has had a very public struggle with addiction, this is a major dig–allegedly being disrespectful of his late mother. Camille went on to tweet, “He was on the program and got wasted with his old drinking buddies.” Oh Camille–another low blow of the sobriety variety.

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You have to wonder what makes two people still seem so bitter after a split almost 10 years ago. Camille has bashed Kelsey time and again through the years. She claimed Kelsey did not contact her when her Malibu home burned down last year. Camille has also said that Kelsey acts like she “never existed” and has dished on their lack of a relationship.  At one point, Camille alleged her children were not allowed to say her name around Kelsey. We won’t even get into the slams she has made about his manhood.

Kelsey remarried shortly after their divorce and had three more children. Camille remarried last year to David C. Meyer and seems happy. Isn’t it time for both sides to move on? Don’t their children deserve parents who can be civil to one another? The phrase “silence is golden” is perfect for these two.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]