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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach On Abbi Murphy: “You Were Embarrassing Yourself And The Boat”

Abbi Murphy is this Below Deck’s season token bohemian spirit that just wants to sail.  She is accustomed to spending her time on the water metaphorically drifting from port to port and making love her with sexy boyfriend/captain.  Wearing multiple uniforms and synchronizing fender drops doesn’t suit this fair siren.  Neither does showing up on time and working through a hangover.

If there is any symbolism to be taken from what we’ve seen so far, it’s that Abbi and her hair won’t be tied down.  We can all see where this will lead, but on the off-chance that Abbi does decide to conform to the yachting world, Captain Lee Rosbach offered his opinion and words of advice on his blog this week.

Captain Lee reminded Abbi that tying her hair is strictly a safety precaution.  He said, “Abbi I am going to stay on you about your hair until one of us gives in and I can promise you it will not be me. It is beautiful, would love to see you keep in and the rest of your good looks. No, the boat isn’t sinking because of your hair, but if it gets caught in the davit cable, anchor windlass, tender line you will not have your hair or good looks any longer and be lucky to just survive.”

The crew night out was also addressed.  Everyone was drinking, but Abbi was the only one that slept in.  Hey, it’s tough to live alongside your co-workers.

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Captain Lee warned, “you are also fortunate for me not to have witnessed your behavior coming back from your night out, or you not answering the bell in the am.  Broke two of my basic rules on one night out.  You were embarrassing yourself and the boat.  Shooting yourself in the foot.  Perhaps you may want to rethink a few decisions before you pull the trigger.”

But Captain Lee also told Bosun Ashton Pienaar that he needs to amend his management style.  He thinks Ashton lets the deck crew get away with far too much.  Captain Lee suggested, “I do feel that you may be trying to much to be a friend instead of a mgr to your staff. The davit mistake was totally preventable, and I don’t even want to think of what Abby would look like if she were bent over the anchor chain as its peeling out and gets a hold of her hair. Severe injuries at the very best.”

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According to Captain Lee, Ashton should have done more to rouse Abbi from her slumber.  He said, “I also think that when Abbi didn’t answer the bell, you should have been down there, knocking on her door and pull her weight like everyone else. I know neither you or the rest of the deck crew felt much like working in that heat, but you did, and she gets no preferential treatment, or at least she shouldn’t. If she had been your go to deck hand for a few years, and a stellar worker, then, yeah, she’s earned it. But not on second charter, and mistake after mistake and deliberately not following your instructions as given.”

Things always start to unravel after a messy crew night out.  It’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t pull their weight the next morning.  Let’s see if Abbi or Ashton learn from this situation.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]