90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima & Eric Nichols Reconcile But Decide To Remain Friends

Eric Nichols was blind-sided, as were all 90-Day Fiance fans, when Larissa Dos Santos Lima broke up with him on Instagram.  These two were hot and heavy for eight months already when Larissa decided it was time to end things.  Everything about their relationship screamed for social media attention.  Larissa even pulled Eric into the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Reunion to successfully badger Colt Johnson into a meltdown.

After Larissa dumped him, Eric decided to get even by having dinner with Colt and his mother, Debbie Johnson.  In an obvious slight to Larissa, Eric posted pictures of the dinner on social media, including one of himself playing Deb’s infamous slot machine.  Since Eric and Larissa made a point to share every aspect of their relationship with followers, it seems only logical that they would update fans on their reconciliation.  But strictly as friends.

Eric took to his Instagram over the weekend to share a picture of himself with Larissa sitting together in a car.  He broke the news immediately, “I’m posting this to let everyone know that Larissa and I have managed to work things out and remain as friends. We’ve apologized to one another for the action we’ve taken towards one another in the public eye about our friends family and fans.”

Eric expressed guilt over his revenge meeting with Deb and Colt.  He wrote, “as of now, we have cleared the air and I want to specifically apologize for meeting with Colt&Debbie and posting photos. I acknowledge it was a low blow and kid like behavior on my behalf to meet with Colt/Debbie knowing the outcome would be hurting Larissa. I can’t say exactly what I was thinking in the moment of being invited over to Colt&Debbies, but it has lead me to writing this.”

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Whatever the fallout from social media, Eric acknowledged it and took it in stride.  He said, “I have no hard feeling towards people who have said the things they have said to me or about me. That’s the story of my life. I’ve had plenty bad done to me since day 1 and have always managed to forgive and look at the bigger picture of the worst that has happened.”

“This has been a true learning experience and I’ve learned that in the event of such situations to make decisions,” Eric concluded, “I’ll rethink my actions before taking them into effect that way I know what sort of impact it will make on those around me. Not one thing in existence is not an image.”

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It seems that Eric’s groveling accomplished something.  And perhaps these two are considering more than friendship because Larissa posted a pic Wednesday of the two locking lips.  Was it taken yesterday or when they were a couple?


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