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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Thinks Chef Kevin Dobson Was “Being A Dick” To Rhylee Gerber; Says Rhylee Behaved “Crudely” In Response

Below Deck fans could anticipate that Rhylee Gerber’s return would be fraught with peril for the rest of the crew.  Bosun Ashton Pienaar and Chief Stew Kate Chastain knew what to expect. However, everyone else was blind-sided by Rhylee’s aggression at the crew dinner.  Brian de Saint Pern can thank his lucky stars that he was able to sit that fiasco out, despite having to endure an infected knee and an antibiotic injection to the buttocks.
Captain Lee Rosbach had to respond to this violation of his, “don’t embarrass yourself, and don’t embarrass the boat” rule.  Rhylee and Chef Kevin Dobson initiated the meltdown by disagreeing over how involved a chef should be in ordering a Paleo appetizer for a fellow crew member.  One by one, Rhylee argued with each male crew member while Kate and Third Stew Courtney Skippon hid next to some potted plants.

Captain Lee addressed the dinner in his weekly blog.  He wrote, “so Kate asks Kevin to order some starters. Harmless enough. He does, and Rhylee sticks out her tongue and says “eww”. Or however you spell that. She then says can I get Paleo and Kevin says of course, what do you want, salad. We’re still good here. She defines it further and then he informs her there doesn’t happen to be a keto or paleo menu.”
Rhylee seemed to be ok until the point when Kevin started to banter withdeckhandd Tanner Sterback.  Of course, Kevin and Tanner may have a rapport since they’ve been working the season together. Perhaps they did have a laugh at her expense.  Rhylee decided to call them out on it.  Captain Lee still defended Rhylee at this point and suggested that Kevin could have helped her order something and not brush off the request.  He is a chef, after all.
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Captain Lee wrote, “this is where the shit starts to hit the fan. As far as I’m concerned if you go to a restaurant, you should be able to get what you want if available. What’s the problem? Kevin and Tanner, I don’t get it, why poke fun because she wants something different. Uncalled for. Then Kevin says you annoy me like the rest of the crew. Really. Kevin obviously if you wanted Paleo would you have ordered it? After all you are in a restaurant that caters to the guest needs and wants. You know, the ones that pay the bill. I think you guys took it too far at this point. It was a simple request that you blew out of proportion.”
Ashton added fuel to the fire by stepping in, as Bosun, to try and diffuse an escalating situation involving one of his crew members.  Captain Lee thinks that Ashton came to the defense of the wrong person.  He said, “if she had said she wanted stuffed artichokes, would Kevin had made such a big deal about it. I think not. But you automatically do not defend who is right at this point in time, critical wording here, and go with the good old boy network. She didn’t have a full on go at one of your crew members here, Kevin is not even one of your crew, and yet you totally disregarded her point of view for just wanting something different.”

At this point in the episode, Rhylee had no one backing her up and starts to react towards Tanner as well.  Captain Lee called her reaction, “uncalled for and totally out of line.”  He also cannot defend her anymore.  Here are Captain Lee’s words to Rhylee, he wrote, “now you have crossed over the line. Just because chef was being a dik, doesn’t give you the license to behave crudely.”

Captain Lee continued, “Kevin, everyone calls you chef, including me. Why at this point keep stoking the fire. No need for sarcasm. Doesn’t help anything. All you had to do was politely ask what she preferred, but you copped an attitude. And Rhylee, you did not respond appropriately. You became obnoxious and more confrontational as it wore on. Now the two of you have embarrassed the rest of the crew, and the entire restaurant.”

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Unfortunately for this crew, there is no Tyler Rowlandaround to quell Rhylee’s primal urges.  Perhaps production figured a sexually frustrated Rhylee makes for better TV.


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