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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Says Chef Kevin Dobson’s Apology Was “Lame” & That He Needs To “Earn” His Respect

Below Deck’s Kevin Dobson may be a fine chef, but has poor management of both his provisions, and his professional relationships.  No one is safe from Kevin’s hostility and passive-aggressiveness.  It’s not just Second Stew Simone Mashile that was under attack.  Last week, Kevin threw Chief Stew Kate Chastain under the bus.  Then he outdid himself yet again by turning his back, literally, on his superior Captain Lee Rosbach.

Captain Lee doesn’t like to babysit.  Or micro-manage.  He also will fire someone who is causing conflict to the level that Kevin has been.  Factor in that the output from the galley is less than stellar, and Valor may have a new chef before the end of the season.

Captain Lee devoted a good portion of his episode blog this week to Kevin.  Where to start?  Captain Lee addresses Kevin’s treatment of Simone and deckhand Tanner Sterbeck.  He said, “Well here we are Kevin. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Tanner offered to help in the galley and you summarily dismiss him. You could have helped Simone, but choose not to and was actually making the situation worse by your actions.”

How about that sad and subdued seafood dinner?  You’re in Thailand!  Put some flamboyant sea creatures on the table!  Captain Lee was underwhelmed and said, “but a seafood extravaganza without any seafood. Were they pleased with your food, yes, but it was not what they wanted.”

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Captain Lee then addressed his conversation with Kevin on the bridge.  He said, “moving on, I asked you to just enlighten me on what happened in the galley with Simone and you make light of it, but that is not what I saw. Then you turn your back on me as if to say, this conversation is over. Did you make that decision on your own? Must have, because your Captain had no input in it.”

In another Below Deck first, Kevin accidentally ate Captain Lee’s dinner in the galley and forced him to sit through the main course without being fed.  He is making very embarrassing mistakes and Captain Lee had a lot to say about it.

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“You keep purporting yourself as a culinary genius, but I’ve yet to see it. You didn’t even have enough food to feed all the guests on the night I attended dinner. Had they all attended much less me, what were you going to do,” Captain Lee said, “and why, because you ate it. Perhaps you need help with your provisions skills. And then you serve me the garnish. Less than impressive wouldn’t you think. You don’t have a budget, you can spend whatever you need to spend to make sure you have what you have to have, but just for whatever reason you don’t. You really need to step up to the plate and deliver.”

Captain Lee suggested that Kevin got defensive about their conversation for no reason.  He explained, “right now I’m not impressed with the job you’re doing, as I have told you to your face. Which you didn’t bother to do when you referred to me as a C*^%. Oh and by the way, while you were standing behind me on the bridge, I was driving the boat, concentrating on what was in front of me not your lame apology that was coming from someplace behind me.”

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Perhaps Kevin should focus on the cooking.  Captain Lee suggested as much, “if you want my respect, you have to get it the old fashioned way, you have to earn it. I do believe you have talent, I just haven’t seen it yet, and your attitude could use a little help as well. Arrogance and condescension doesn’t become you at all. I do hope things get better next week.”


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