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Shavel Life After Lockup

Welcome to the last stop on the road to the season finale of Life After Lockup! Everyone’s lives are in total chaos, and the future is looking more bleak than ever. Amber is caught between her current fling Puppy and her drug dealer ex Sammy. There’s no way that’s going to have a happy ending. Another couple that’s bound to end in disaster is John & Kristianna. Once she finds out about him and her sister, she is likely going to relapse. It’s painful to watch.

We’ve watched Brittany Santiago struggle with her mother all season. She dragged her all the way to Alaska for some spiritual healing. Only time will tell if confronting her demons like that was the right choice to make. Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons have ground a groove in their new open marriage. However, Michael’s gone radio silent. This modern arrangement might be over before it truly gets started.

Shavel Life After Lockup

The family lives of our Life After Lockup couples are more troubled than ever before. Puppy is in way over her head with this adoption debacle with Vince. He obviously secured the adoption using shady means, so she’s going to have to uncover the truth. Brittiany Santiago is also in a family struggle. Trying to get her mother on the road to recovery is proving to be harder than she thought. How many more triggering face offs can Cynthia take?

Whatever’s happening with Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons is doomed to fail. It doesn’t make any sense. How many times do you want him to cheat before you learn? He will NEVER care about anyone more than himself. That includes their children. The weirdest family troubles on Life After Lockup belong to John & Kristianna. She’s getting out of prison and has no idea he’s been flirting with her sister. Ouch. That’s going to be a tough pill to swallow.

Puppy Life After Lockup

Things for our favorite Life After Lockup couples have officially reached a fever pitch. Amber and Puppy’s desire to con has really bit them this time. They’re stuck with Vince as her adopted father, and they can’t figure out how to get out of it. Right now, he is legally her father. It’s quite the predicament, but that’s not all Amber’s dealing with. Don’t forget she has a secret man in prison that her girlfriend is blissfully unaware of.

Speaking of people totally unaware, what are we going to do with Shawn? He cannot seem to accept that he and Destinie do not have a future. He was nothing more than a con job for her, but he won’t grasp that concept. Forget the money you have on the line. It might be time to just write that off as a personal loss, and get out of this relationship. How long do these two have left? Time is running out.

John Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup has a way of shocking you even when you think you’d seen it all. Kristianna has no clue that her loving husband John is teetering on the edge of an affair with her sister! They’re taking the phrase “keeping it in the family” to an entirely new level. When she gets out of prison, she’s going to be surprised at how close they’ve become. Eventually that day is going to come, and they’ll have a lot to answer to.

Hopefully Life After Lockup viewers can get some answers about the state of Lindsey Downs & Scott Bradshaw’s relationship. When we last saw them, she destroyed his office and left his belongings out in the rain. After uncovering lies about Scott, Lindsey felt like she had no other choice. Throwing a toddler temper tantrum is always the right way to go. Yes? It’s time for Scott to kick that lunatic to the curb once and for all.

Shavel Quaylon Life After Lockup

It’s all fun and games when someone first gets released from prison, but Life After Lockup is tough. The couples this season on Life After Lockup are exemplifying that more than ever before. Puppy expected the full fairytale with Amber when she got out of jail. However, it’s proving to be anything but. Amber is keeping a loaded secret from her, and Puppy’s already feeling neglected in the relationship. These two are DOA only a week into being together.

A main focus of this Life After Lockup season has been the saga between Shawn & Destinie. The monumental issue at the center of their relationship is the $50,000 he has on the line. Shawn’s left with a never ending high level of anxiety because his financial future is in jeopardy. This is the moment of truth. If Destinie chooses to skip court, Shawn loses the money. Their relationship (if there even is hope for one) will be defined by this moment. It’s do or die for this Life After Lockup couple.

Lacey Life After Lockup

This season of Life After Lockup is taking lies and deception to a whole new level. Shawn has learned the hard way not to trust anyone. Destinie’s on the run with his credit card and at risk of costing him $50,000. At what point do you realize you made a big mistake by trusting this woman? Let’s hope he can finally locate her and ensure she makes it to court on time. If not, this is going to be quite the costly blow to his family’s financial future.

However, nobody from this Life After Lockup season is full of more lies than the duo of Scott & Lindsey. She’s been planning on having her female lover live in their driveway, so they can fornicate behind his bad. If that wasn’t wild enough, Scott evidently has an affinity for prostitutes. Is that why he’s so broke? None of his claims about being wealthy are true whatsoever. In fact, he’s drowning in debt. WHAT A MESS FOLKS!

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup honestly never disappoints in the drama department. It’s always been a dramatic series, but this season has been the wildest yet. Amber’s return was so unexpected, but the arrival of Puppy is intriguing. She doesn’t seem as committed to life on the straight and narrow as Amber, so tension’s going to rise. Lamar Jackson’s screwed up once again, and now Andrea Edwards is on the warpath. STOP KEEPING SECRETS FROM THAT WOMAN!

The most heartbreaking aspect of this Life After Lockup season by far is what Brittany Santiago is dealing with regarding her mother. Watching someone struggle with addiction like that with no idea what to do is gut wrenching. She’s trying so hard to help her change her lifestyle, but she’s at her wits end. The secrets that have been exposed about Scott were not expected, but it’s a game changer. He’s not who has claimed to be all this time. Cue a vengeful Lindsey.

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Even though most of the couples on the show are a disaster, this is a GREAT season of Life After Lockup. There’s something transfixing about watching their lives crash and burn on television. You can’t look away. Amber returning to the show was quite the shock, but Puppy has a vibe that she should be weary of. She’s going to end up back in prison, so hopefully Amber is out of dodge before that happens.

Last time we saw Lindsey, she uncovered a lot of unnerving truths about Scott. He is nowhere even remotely close to the rich man that he claimed to be. Scott’s sorted past was highly unexpected, and the fallout promises to be intense. Lindsey doesn’t appear to be the type of woman to take this level of deceit with a grain of salt. If Scott isn’t careful, he’s going to find himself on the receiving on of a woman on the warpath.