Married At First Sight Recap- Here Comes the Stranger

On the last episode of , the singles informed their friends and family about their pending nuptials. Basically, it went like this…”Surprise, I’m about to marry a complete stranger!” Most took it surprisingly well. Maybe what we saw on camera was not their real initial reaction. My family would have called me desperate on national television. So either I should be questioning their support or be thanking them for always telling me the truth as they see it.  Sigh! I’ll worry about whether I need to go to therapy another day.

The couples will walk down the aisle and take their first leap of faith in their new marriage. While some are excited to celebrate with family and friends others are questioning if they made the right decision. It’s too late to panic now; we the viewers have lives to judge a show to watch. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Derek & Katie

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

Ironically, the couple that seemed most likely to be divorced, is the first one up to walk down the aisle. I will be completely shocked if  and  last, given what we know about them.  Before the wedding, Derek’s mom clears the room to express her concerns.

Despite her initial doubts, she has decided to fully support her son. Katie is still whining about her ex and whether she is making the right decision. Once they meet, they find one another attractive, which is a good sign. They even manage to take wedding photos that don’t make it apparent that they just met.

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

At the reception, Katie stares crazily dreamily into Derek’s eyes as her bridesmaids cry. I really hope she doesn’t become the clingy wife and go nuts if they don’t have an immediate love story. But for now, things are going well. Maybe, I am wrong and these two are meant for one another. Hopefully, Katie will get over her ex and Derek will be open to love. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

Brandon & Taylor

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

and are the second couple to tie the knot.  Taylor is optimistic and excited to meet her husband.  Meanwhile, Brandon is having an anxiety attack about whether his wife will like him. When he walks out, Taylor’s friends and family seem to approve of his looks. Things go completely downhill when Brandon starts his vows. He clearly printed them straight from Google. He is giving off a “too cool for school” vibe that is an instant red flag.

Who reads vows that say “the moment I first saw you, I wanted to marry you.” Umm… you just met this woman for the first time a few minutes ago, which was after you supposedly wrote those vows. Their interaction after their vows is so awkward that I even feel uncomfortable. Brandon, please tell me you actually have a personality and don’t just rely on your looks. These two make a very attractive couple, but everything that glitters isn’t gold. Something tells me, these two aren’t an automatic match.

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

Taylor and Brandon’s first dance was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever seen. He seemed to care more about what the audience thought of him than be in the moment with his wife. Brandon, you couldn’t just stand there and sway from side to side. No, one asked you to do the tango. Geez! Can I just say I LOVE Brandon’s grandmother?! She got on the dance floor with her grandson and showed him how it’s done.

Austin & Jessica

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

and  are the third couple to jump the broom.  Jessica is extremely nervous and jokes about her twin switching places with her. Meanwhile, Austin is getting a pep talk like he is a child from his mother and grandmother. I really hope this guy is more mature than he seems and it’s just nerves. My mamma’s boy radar is going all the way off.  These two are the same age, but while standing at the altar, Jessica looks more like his aunt, rather than his wife.  Maybe it’s the hair that makes him look like a little boy. Ughhhh… this isn’t looking good, so far.

Austin does manage to gain some points, with his wedding vows. After the ceremony, the two have quirky moments, but seem to get along at least.  After some cringy photos, Jessica asks Austin,” Do you always wear your hair long like that.” I had to laugh at that comment, because I was thinking the same thing.  Although she denied it was an issue, she clearly wasn’t feeling it.

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

As nervous as Austin seems, I was shocked when he dipped and kissed Jessica during their first dance. I think Jessica is trying to remain hopeful, but she isn’t totally attracted to her husband. I hope he is able to loosen up soon and show his true personality.

Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap-Here Comes the Stranger

Meka Jones and Michael Watson will be the fourth couple to walk down the aisle on the next episode. Michael is totally zen and looking forward to the future. Meanwhile, Meka is freaking out that her dress is too big. She is a perfectionist and worried she won’t make the best impression on her husband. We will have to wait for next week’s episode for this couple to finally meet.

So here are my predictions in 60 seconds…. Jessica is not attracted to Austin. Brandon is superficial. At least one of these women is overbearing or crazy. Katie is a prime candidate for the title. There is always at least one drama king/queen on the show. At least 50% of the couples will not stay married. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


 [Photo Credit: Lifetime]