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Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Says She Hasn’t Been High In 4 Years

Kathryn Dennis has been through a lot. Her first season on Southern Charm made her out to be a boy crazy villain who couldn’t get along with anyone on the show but then-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel. She fought with anyone who would dare to come between them or really, even talk about them. It seemed like she was the one constantly thriving in the fighting and the dysfunction of her relationship. Then she got unexpectedly pregnant (twice). She went to rehab and lost custody of her kids. When she came back to Charleston and the show, she was a social pariah to all but castmate Craig Conover (and who doesn’t love Craig?).  Things were not looking good for Kathryn and many fans wondered why she was even on the show.

Since then, Kathryn has bounced back and had a very strong redemption story. She stopped being in denial about how Thomas was actually a good person and came clean about what a crappy partner he was. She worked hard to make friends again and gain back time with her kids. When Thomas’ new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs (who let’s face it, made Kathryn look like a saint) came for her about her role as a mother, the cast rallied around Kathryn hard. And it made sense. Gone was the over-dramatic brat who couldn’t get out of her way and out came the young woman who was more insightful and focused on making her life better. Sure, she had some blips of bad judgment, but she was able to steer clear of the relationships, drugs, and alcohol that had gotten her into so much trouble.

This is why Kathryn has to be particularly defensive about people questioning her sobriety. In a recent series of Instagram stories (which have since expired after the 24 hour time window), Kathryn was seen pushing around a shopping cart through the book and home decor section, having fun. A fan messaged her in response to the story asking, “Are you high?”. As reported by People, Kathryn quickly clapped back, posting a screenshot of the interaction and responding, “No. And that’s rude af. I haven’t been high in 4 years. Am I not allowed to have a sense of humor without you people thinking I’m high?!”

“This has been one of my biggest peeves since Rehab. Feeling like I can’t be silly without people saying stuff like this,” she wrote on the picture, and added at the bottom “let me liveeee.” This is something that has obviously and maybe understandably dogged Kathryn since rehab.


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She told Andy Cohen during the Southern Charm reunion special, “I don’t smoke weed. I don’t do anything illegal like that.” She did admit that she drinks saying, “It’s not like I’m drinking, though, going out and partying by any means.”

I’m sure it’s hard for Kathryn to be under constant scrutiny about her sobriety, especially since she’s in such a good place as of late. That good place also includes her kids, which she has agreed to share joint legal and physical custody with Thomas.


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Despite recent rumors that they are getting back together, Kathryn has denied them and maintained that they are on good terms for the kids. Glad to see she finally looks like she’s on the right path.


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