Report: Thomas Ravenel Allegedly Caught Doing Drugs On Video, Kathryn Dennis Takes It To Court!

Lawd, will this ever end? Probably not, but the shabby moral behavior of others is what we’re here for! Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis began their doomed love affair on Southern Charm. Viewers watched their relationship produce two children and multiple headaches. These headaches include a bevy of nightmarish scenarios. We have a never-ending custody battle. A couple of ALLEGED sexual assault claims. And nonstop reports on various attempts at incriminating both parties. Sounds like a party, right?

Thomas eventually left the show, because you can’t exactly sue Bravo and continue filming. Thomas and his deep pockets subpoenaed everyone from Patricia Altschul to Andy Cohen in the custody dispute. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also tried to resurrect Kathryn’s dead hamster from when she was 12 to testify. After exhausting claims from both sides, Kathryn was eventually awarded joint custody in August of this year. A final ruling regarding the terms has yet to be determined, but little miss Kathryn just found an interesting nugget for the judge to entertain.

When I started writing about Kathryn and Thomas, I was spry and youthful. At this point, I have spent hundreds on anti-aging products and probably need a consult on an eye lift. But here we are, still discussing T-Rav and the mother of his children. There has been mutual mudslinging here, neither parent looks particularly great.

We have Thomas who recently avoided jail but had to PAY A FINE after admitting he was guilty of sexual assault. Then we have Kathryn, who either needs some driving lessons or should just put Kensie behind the wheel of her car. We have been privy to more information than appropriate in a war of this nature, but it ain’t over yet. Let’s hold hands, we’re in this together.

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Kathryn is about to pull a rabbit out of a hat, y’all! People has dirt information on a new video that may or may not show Thomas doing drugs. Shocking! ALLEGEDLY, T-Rav was captured on video experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs at a party, according to a statement filed by Kathryn. The video appears to have Thomas taking “magic mushrooms” during a function at HIS home. It probably does not bode well for Tommy that this ALLEGED drug taking was under his own roof.

In the footage, Thomas is standing with a group of people in his bathroom (side-eye) before he ALLEGEDLY puts his hand into a plastic bag. Aw man, nothing good can come from a plastic bag unless it’s filled with Goldfish crackers.

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Apparently Thomas can be heard saying, “I’ve never tried this in my life.” Ready everybody? SURE, JAN! Thomas then reassures his guests he will have “just one”. Are shrooms still a thing? Do people still go in bathrooms to do drugs? Is it 1987 in this story?

One female partygoer can be heard ALLEGEDLY addressing Thomas, “You’re gonna do that right now? Thomas, no! No, you’re like, gonna geek out right now!” No word on whether Thomas has since established vocabulary requirements for his friends or a no phone policy because of the newly surfaced video. The woman then proceeds to say, “I wouldn’t want to do it. I don’t want to hallucinate.” Honey, you better keep your drink covered in the future. Thomas seemingly responded through slurs, “It’s just mushrooms.” Right, but didn’t dude just say he had never tried this in his life?

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We do not know when the film was taken, or by whom. Due to a song playing in the background, a late 2015 time frame is assumed. In the affidavit Kathryn filed, she claimed “various people have sent me all kinds of things regarding Thomas over the years.” Kathryn has also argued, T-Rav violated their terms of agreement in caring for the kids.

Another video, which Kathryn said Thomas sent to her, shows him slurring his words and calling their son Saint by their daughter’s name. This goes against the agreement that stated the exes will not be under the influence or intoxicated while the children are present.

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In July 2019, Thomas filed for sole custody when he accused Kathryn of failing a drug test. She blamed the positive test result on her use of CBD oil. While the former couple have 50/50 custody, that is temporary until a final decision is determined. Currently, the judge might be considering a career change… As always, we are #teamkids.


[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]