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Kathryn Dennis Denies Rumors She Thomas Ravenel Are Back Together (Again); Thomas Calls Patricia Altschul “A Whore Of A Mother”

As you might know, Southern Charm is FINALLY filming again after a long delay. And we all know what that means! Time to play another round of, “Are They Banging?”, courtesy of Kathryn Dennis and her baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel.

On this week’s episode of ATB?, we once again reflect on a curious Instagram photo posted by Miss Kathryn. Back on January 12, Kathryn shared a glam shot from a party. Also pictured, T-Rav,in very close proximity to Kathryn’s body. It certainly raised eyebrows that the two were more on again than off again. After brief speculation the couple had reunited like Ashford & Simpson, the streets are talking once more. Is this just clever subterfuge and trickery to get people talking or have the venomous twosome decided to give love another shot?

ARE THEY BANGING? Because, ratings y’all! Now look, even though Thomas and Kathryn had what amounts to be the most toxic relationship on reality television, they MIGHT be back together. Or this could be a somewhat predictable tease directed towards fans to spark interest now that Season 7 is in production.

We know Kathryn probably posted the pic of her and T-Rav hoping it would create a social media frenzy. On the heels of Danni Baird confirming the cast is now filming, it’s a little bit of “here we go again”. Yesterday, the Instagram account Comments By Bravo shared the post of Kathryn’s original photo via Bravo Bible. The caption said, “When you get good news that Southern Charm has finally started filming, but bad news that these two are officially back together”.


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Well, I am shocked! Said no one ever. Kathryn managed to make her way over to the page and responded, “not true”. Uh-huh, but it’s okay to lead us on, right? While Kathryn has denied a reconciliation, many followers of the show seemed to be all for it. I guess not everyone was entertained by Craig Conover’s pillows (I was) or Austen Kroll’s journey to be the star of late-night Cinemax movies from 1987.

It is highly doubtful Thomas will return to Southern Charm because he currently has pending legal issues with Bravo. It is also highly doubtful that he and Kathryn are back together because I’m fairly sure South Carolina had it written into law that they are not allowed to hook up. That said, we might be seeing a pregnancy announcement in a few months. I’m kidding. I hope.


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Speaking of Thomas returning to the show, Bravo Bible retrieved a nifty little screenshot appearing to come from Thomas’ official Twitter account. This now-deleted post contained some rather choice words for Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mother, Patricia Altschul. It read, “Nobody of quality would do these shoes [sic]. I did it to honor a commitment to Whitney only to get fucked by his whore of a mother who happens to be from where I am now, Sarasota, Florida although she refuses to admit it for some reason.” Oh no, honey, those are fighting words. In the South, referencing someone’s parent by saying “whore of a mother” simply isn’t done. Michael the Butler is currently wrangling the dog army – they attack at dawn!

We’ll have to wait and see if our question of Are They Banging? will be answered in Season 7. The best-case scenario is that Thomas and Kathryn have grown weary of constant court battles and careless words, and are co-parenting their children like champs. Maybe they are just great friends, committed only to positivity and light. Or maybe Kathryn just got a first-class ticket back on the hot mess express…


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