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Kary Brittingham & Claudia Jordan Debate On Lack Of Diversity On Real Housewives Of Dallas

Claudia Jordan is gone from housewives but clearly not forgotten. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member was only on for one season but made quite an impact when she famously went toe-to-toe with OG NeNe Leakes. But for some reason, Claudia just didn’t fit on the show. She made a quick exit before we even really got a chance to know her. I actually really liked her. Anyone who could show up on their first season and read NeNe has my adoration forever. Maybe she didn’t have the most interesting story line (ok, she didn’t really have one at all). Still, I thought she brought some much needed sanity to the show. I think every franchise needs one level headed housewife that seems grounded in actual reality.

Is Kary Brittingham that housewife on Real Housewives of Dallas? Honestly, I don’t know considering how new she is. She doesn’t seem to resonate with fans, despite gracefully handling now defunct cast mate LeeAnne Locken’s relentless attacks on her ethnicity.

Now Kary is facing another heated debate on the topic of race, culture and diversity when it comes to the housewives franchise. In a recent post compiled by iRealHousewives on their Instagram account,Kary and Claudia really got into it. Claudia, who actually had an interview to be on RHOD but didn’t make the cut took to social media to express her feelings.

Claudia was all up in the comments section on a post by iRealHousewives’ account. She commented “and STILL no women of color….Dallas come on now. There are sooooo many beautiful, fun, cool wealthy women of color in the Dallas social scene that should be considered for this show and still nothing.” She continues, “It didn’t have to be me-but PLEASE consider representing better.”

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Kary clearly took issue and responded, “@claudiajordan you did try out and I actually hoped you would come on the show but I could make the same argument about many other shows including Atlanta that they don’t have any latinas!!!!! Are you implying that only black people count as diversity???? Or only black people have spice?????” Claudia responded saying that she’s “surprised” Kary said that and invited her to “discuss it.”

Claudia went on to say that Kary missed her “entire point” and that she thinks “the shows should reflect the demographic of the CITY they are portraying.” She asks,”So are u saying they have u so no need for more ethnicities since they have you?” Kary followed up with “……I don’t think it’s ok to say DALLAS is not getting the needed spice just because they didn’t add a black woman.”


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The two went back and forth a little more and one user commented, asking what about Kary, to indicate that Kary is a diverse cast member. Kary noticed and responded, “guess she only thinks of diversity if is [sic] her race.” She included a little eye roll emoji to really get her point across. Another comment thought Claudia was bashing RHOD because she didn’t get the gig.

Claudia maintained she’s booked and busy doing her own thing and doesn’t need to be a housewife, surmising, “Y’all gotta stop attacking anyone that has a damn opinion.” When another account called her “salty”, she made sure they knew exactly where she stands, “I can’t be socially conscious without having a personal motive? Dumb and dumber. I don’t have to benefit from something to care about the greater good.”


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I feel like they both have solid points. Maybe they could just agree to hear each other out OFF social media? Regardless of what everyone thinks, representation on Real Housewives matters. It would be great to see them come together in a mutual respect for each others’ opinions. I hope that happens in the future.


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