Wendy Osefo Opens Up About Joining Real Housewives Of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac had a pretty solid cast the past four seasons.  Original housewives Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, and Ashley Darby provided just the right mix of drama and friendship.  Gizelle could always be counted on for directing snarky comments towards frenemy Karen while Robyn hung on her coattails.  Monique Samuels joined the cast in Season 2.  She brought a fun vibe to the group, as well as a more laid-back attitude overall.
Things got heavy last season when Ashley’s husband Michael Darby was accused of sexual assault.  The rumors were peaking during filming and caused tensions within the group as Ashley was pressed for answers.  The housewife that seemed most affected was Candiace Dillard.  Candiace went after Ashley with some seemingly misplaced anger, probably something she meant to direct to mama Dorothy.  At this point, the mother-daughter bickering is getting a bit tired.  As are a few other storylines.   Did anyone really care about Robyn rekindling her love life with ex-husband Juan Dixon last season?  How about the underwhelming reveal of Karen’s fragrance line?  Maybe it’s time to bring some new energy to the show.

Bravo production seemed to think so.  Season 5 will feature a new cast member.  Someone who has a real claim to a professional work ethic and an enviable lifestyle.  Fans will be meeting Dr. Wendy Osefo when the show returns.
Wendy posted a introductory message to fans on her Instagram page.  She is honoring her Nigerian roots as the first housewife in the franchise to hail from the African nation.  Wendy wrote, “thank you all for the love and support.  I am humbled and honored to have been chosen to join the cast of such an extraordinary franchise. As the first Nigerian housewife in @bravotv franchise history, I do not take my role and the symbolism of what I represent to so many people for granted.”
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Wendy implied that she will be balancing work and play as her storyline.  She described herself as, “a wife, mother of three children, professor and political commentator, I am excited to show the world that women can wear many hats, and the term ‘wife’ and ‘mother’ do not limit nor define who and what we are as individuals. And while women can have it all, it often comes at a price.”
She seemed to give a hint about what her tag line will be.  Wendy wrote, “I look forward to showing the many sides of womanhood, showcasing my cultural roots, and letting people know that ‘Black Girl’s Rock’ is not just a catch phrase, but a way of life. Xx, Wen.”
Of course, there’s tremendous anticipation to see how a new housewife will fit into the group.  A little sleuthing on another of Wendy’s Instagram post revealed some uplifting messages from fellow cast mates.  Are these the ladies that Wendy clicked with on the show?  Gizelle wrote, “welcome Wen Day!!”  Gizelle’s sidekick Robyn also had some positive affirmations.  Wendy replied, “lol!!! My Robbie Rob.”
Will Wendy get along with the other ladies as well?  Catch up on the new season on May 3rd at 8 pm.


[Photo Credit: Sophy Holland/Bravo]