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The last few seasons of Real Housewives of New York have no been a good look for Luann de Lesseps. From that quickie marriage (and divorce), to the arrest, to the nonstop cabaret chatter, some fans are worn out.

And so is Lu’s former assistant, Danny Marin. He called out the former the countess on social media. And, she clapped back, bringing coronavirus into the conversation, as if it actually had something to do with this issue.

This all started when Danny posted a video from behind the scenes of Luann’s “Feelin Jovani” music video. He wrote, “FUN FACT: I was the only reason why #countessluann knew her lyrics while filming her music video, got dressed in time, had jewelry on, had multiple shoe options, wrangled her Housewife friends… OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, but I didn’t get a credit helping for 18 hours straight filming the #FeelinJovani music video. Remember that while you tune in this season of #RHONY.”

He also added these hashtags: #moneycantbuyyouclass #moneycantbuyaNDAn  #countessfraud #countessandfriends


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After that, Page Six reported that Danny shared, “All I want to say is sobriety is not a game. Rehab is not a storyline.”

Luann shared her side of the story to Page Six as well. She told the outlet, “It’s utterly disgusting that a disgruntled ex-employee would take swipes at me during a global pandemic.” Girl, don’t bring the pandemic into this.


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Luann also said, “His timing here speaks volumes considering its been a year since he last worked for me and with the premiere of RHONY Season 12 coming up.”

To be honest, I have a feeling that there are way worse sentiments that this guy Danny has kept to himself. Danny needs to spill some way hotter tea than this. We know he has it.


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