Luann de Lesseps Is Happy Bethenny Frankel Left Real Housewives Of New York So All The Attention Is Not On Bethenny Anymore

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There has been a lot of buzz about the Real Housewives of New York since the end of last season. Bethenny Frankel’s announcement that she was leaving RHONY left fans wondering what would happen to the show. Part of the answer came in the form of Leah McSweeney joining the cast.

Recently, there has been even more chatter surrounding the New York ladies. Sonja Morgan was a BravoCon no-show the very same weekend she was allegedly kicked out of a Philadelphia gay bar for bad behavior. Tinsley Mortimer became engaged to on-again-off-again boyfriend Scott Kluth and took a break from filming. And now Luann de Lesseps is weighing in on what the new season will be like–and she is throwing a little shade at Bethenny in the process.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Luann dished on the upcoming season 12. “It’s such a great season,” she shared. “We all get to show ourselves and have more time to talk about our own life and our own stories, and it’s not always about Bethenny [now].”

That isn’t a bit shady, Luann! Of course, Bethenny was a driving force on the show, but Luann has always seemed to get her fair share of screen time. Even during the season she was demoted. And wasn’t last season all about cabaret, cabaret and…Luann? You can’t tell me often-entitled Luann is worried about her co-stars’ screen time.


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According to Luann, the show is coasting on a new high. “So it’s just great, because the show is fabulous and I can’t wait for everybody to see the new season,” Luann declared. “I got to tell you, it’s better than ever!”

The viewers will be the judge of that lofty declaration, of course, but Luann does sound enthused. Is she excited because she is getting more filming time to “tell her own story?” You know the cabaret stage–and her upcoming book–are not enough limelight for an attention-loving former Countess!


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Luann hints that the new season will be action-packed, teasing, “Obviously, there’s always drama. When you have that many women together there’s bound to be drama.” Luann added that “there’s shifts in alliances” in the upcoming season.

Shifts in alliances? RHONY had a good season 11. But, there did not appear to be a lot of strong “alliances.” It seemed a bit like every woman for herself, but Luann’s pronouncement does sound interesting. Call me intrigued.


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Part of the shifting relationships is related to Luann. She stated, “I’m good with Dorinda [Medley], so you’re going to see that relationship blossom.” Their falling out and barely repaired friendship left a glaring gap in cast dynamics last season. It was actually sad to watch.

“And then, even with Ramona [Singer], you’re going to see a different relationship between Ramona and I, because we’ve always been not on the same page,” Luann further revealed. “Ramona’s Ramona. She’s a tough one.”


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Luann should probably consider herself lucky that Ramona even acknowledges her presence. Last season, Ramona was on a new level of self-absorption, a bit like the me-me-me cabaret Countess. Dueling divas unaware of their surroundings–or at times their co-stars very existence–can make for sticky situations. And good television.

“So, you’re just going to see a lot more relationships, drama, fun, and you’re going to get to know the new housewife,” Luann went on to say. She also added that viewers will see her “getting through my craziness that happened and then continuing to grow from it.”


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So many questions: Will Luann’s self-centered behavior be toned down–and does her sobriety hold? Is Tinsley’s filming break going to disrupt the flow of the show? Does Ramona develop empathy and humility? OK–the answer to that question is probably a big NO! But, I have to say that I am excited for season 12. The show consistently brings the fun and drama at a time when some other Housewife shows fall a little flat.


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