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Southern Charm Star Naomie Olindo “So Embarrassed” For Going To Safari Owned By Tiger King Star Doc Antle Before The Documentary Came Out

Another day, another pop culture tie-in to the Netflix show Tiger King. Recently, a photo resurfaced on Doc Antle’s Instagram account featuring Southern Charm cast member Naomie Olindo and her man Metul Shah.

The photo is from June 2019, long before Tiger King came into my life. Nevertheless, the couple still got a lot of flack for visiting the safari in Myrtle Beach.

In his June 2019 Instagram post, Doc shared a photo of Naomie and Metul with a leopard on a kitchen counter. Doc wrote, “Cheetah boy Tut stops by the @myrtlebeachsafari Safari Manor guest house for a visit with special visitors @naomie_olindo @m_shah11 #touchthewildsavethewild.”

Obviously, given the outrage over the documentary series, Naomie and Metul removed their tags from that post and deleted all of the photos they previously shared on their accounts. But, as we all know, screenshots live on forever. And, of course, the pictures resurfaced.


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The Instagram account Comments by Bravo shared a screenshot of a comment thread on some photos. There was even a photo thrown in with Naomie and Craig Conover hanging with an elephant in Thailand. Apparently, Naomie enjoys the wild life-centered dates.

Someone wrote, “Omg gross i can’t believe @naomie_olindo fucking supports doc antle and his CULT! @bravotv time to find new people on @bravosoutherncharm cause this is going to cause major backlash.”


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Naomie was very apologetic in response. She told the IG user, “ugh we are SO embarrassed, believe me. We had no idea the depth of the manipulation and how terrible of a situation this place was. We also made a mistake in that we didn’t do our research before going, and have huge regrets.”

The Southern Charm cast member admitted, “I love animals and didn’t realize I was doing more harm than good by supporting this place. Really heartbreaking and I feel pretty stupid tbh.”


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She also clarified what was going on in the photos. Naomie wrote, “Also just a side note the picture with Metul is at myrtle beach safari, the photo with Craig is in Thailand lol two different places. Either way elephants should never be ridden- something I did not know before. Live and learn.”

As insane as Tiger King was to watch, it does seem like a lot of lessons were learned by the viewers. And that includes former patrons. Naomie isn’t the only one who has publicly apologized and admitted regret for visiting the facilities featured in the Netflix series.


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