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90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Last night’s episode of  90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days  was everything I needed and more, to take my mind off of staying in the house all day, every day.  There was enough drama to go around throughout this entire episode. There are arguments, hairy legs, and titty molds. What else could you ask for in a shit show?

Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks finally meet face to face. Yolanda Leak investigates Williams. Ed Brown meets Rose‘s family for the first time. Varya Malina‘s mother questions Geoffrey Paschel. Avery Warner  and Ash Naeck take a romantic getaway. Let’s get straight into the 90 Day Fiance recap!

Ed, 54 (San Diego) & Rosemarie, 23 (Philippines)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

In an attempt to show his romantic side, Ed surprises Rose with champagne and a foot rub after she returns from her bath. I couldn’t help but notice as Ed made his way up Rose’s hairy legs, how much she was enjoying herself.  That is until Ed boldly asks for a kiss. In an effort to stall for time, she offers her cheek before finally submitting to a kiss on the lips. Get ready girl, what you have been trying to avoid, is now horny and in your face.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Ed wakes up with a morning glow after finally having sex with Rose for the first time. Instead of being happy, he wakes up and asks her to shave her legs. LMAO!!!!!!!!! They were pretty hairy. They both make a deal for Ed to shave his beard in exchange for Rose shaving her legs. I don’t know what she was thinking. Ed looks even weirder without facial hair. Rose takes Ed to her home and he is shocked by the conditions of her town.


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Rose’s son runs to meet his mom in the streets. She immediately tells her son to hug “daddy”.” Ed probably wishes he was still at the hotel when he walks into Rose’s home for the first time. What did he expect, the Crowne Plaza?

Her entire family welcomes Ed with a party and food. Although everyone seems nice, there is clearly some tension in the room, especially when her father arrives. It’s obvious that Ed is Rose’s ticket out of the Philippines.


Geoffrey, 41 (Knoxville, Tenn.) & Varya, 30 (Russia)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

After a week in Russia, Varya decides to take Geoffrey to meet her family. Varya’s mother already isn’t happy about the possibility of her daughter moving to America, so this should be interesting. After chastising Geoffrey for not bringing a gift to her mother, he stops on the side of the road to pick flowers. Wow, what a big spender. I guess it’s better than the nothing Geoffrey intended to bring initially.


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Varya and Geoffrey arrive at her mother’s house and she immediately puts them to work helping her cook dinner. Everyone is getting along, but Varya’s mother makes it clear she doesn’t want her to move to another country with a stranger. Geoffrey becomes uncomfortable when he is asked if he can be trusted, knowing he has been hiding his criminal past.


Darcey, 45(Connecticut) & Tom, 39 (England)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Tension is definitely in the air as Darcey sits down for her meeting with Tom. Immediately, she reminds him that he didn’t even bother to send anything more than a text for her 45th birthday.  He then has the nerve to question what happened to their relationship. Things go left when Tom begins to blame Darcey for all of their relationship problems.

In his mind, Darcey is never there for him. Umm… Tom, are you insane? Aren’t you the one who acts as if you barely have a moment to spare for Darcey? Now, I’m not saying I blame him entirely.  Darcey is so worrisome. I would probably ditch her as well, but let’s not play games here. She is crazy, but she is far from stupid.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Darcey just admits she knows Tom is dating someone else. Shocked, Tom admits that he did meet another woman three weeks before. He then adds insult to injury by bringing up Jesse Meester. He also says she feels like a sister to him. It’s obvious Tom is trying very hard to get a reaction out of Darcey. He insinuates that she has put on weight and continues to insult her before she storms off. Kudos for holding your composure while speaking to that idiot, Darcey.


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Tom loses some weight and then he thinks he can embarrass another person on national television. Tom, you are not a prize. You’re not even slightly attractive. Darcey, kick him to the curb and don’t even entertain this man again ever in life. Say goodbye to that 90 Day Fiance paycheck, Tom.


Stephanie, 29 (New York) & Erika, 24 (Australia)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Stephanie Matto is shocked when Erika Owens takes her on a topless craft date. Totally outside of her comfort zone, Stephanie becomes a little anxious.  While decorating their boob molds, Erika is completely taken off guard when Stephanie tells her she doesn’t think their relationship will last for much longer if they’re long distance.

Stephanie presents Erika with a gift and takes her to dinner. Shortly after sitting down, she questions why Erika has a dating app on her phone and asks her to delete it. Although Erika deletes the app, she feels uncomfortable that Stephanie doesn’t trust her.


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Things go from bad to worse, when Erika storms out of the restaurant screaming that she can’t be controlled. She leaves Stephanie alone crying. Well, that went bad, rather quickly. I wish Stephanie would have just asked about the dating site when she saw it. It seemed like a bit of a set up to take someone to a nice dinner only to interrogate them.


Yolanda, 51 (Las Vegas, NV) & Williams, 40 (England)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Yolanda and her daughter go to a coffee shop to discuss their online retail business. While there, Yolanda confesses that Williams’ Instagram page disappeared then reappeared with a totally different name recently. Her daughter does some research of her own and discovers they have even more questions than before.  They uncover that Williams may be Nigerian, but Yolanda refuses to see the truth that is right in front of her eyes.

Despite all the evidence that she is being catfished, Yolanda continues to call and text her mystery man. Frustrated, Yolanda decides to text Williams and ask if he is Nigerian.


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Several days later, she receives a strange email threatening to release her nude pictures if she doesn’t send money. She refuses to believe her darling Williams could be behind the plot. Girl, how else did they get your nude pictures? SMH… it’s scary that this woman has several children.


Avery, 32 (Seattle) & Ash, 38 (Australia)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Avery is still upset that Ash’s brother didn’t appear to accept her when they had dinner. Ash plans a 3-day getaway to take her mind of everything else.  Despite the beautiful scenery, Avery still wants to get to the bottom of some of their issues. She immediately calls him out on sugar-coating things for her, rather than facing obstacles together.


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She inquires about the possibility of his son coming to America. Ash admits there is more to the story but doesn’t go into details for fear of upsetting Avery.  Well, just wait until she finds out all the women he is sending flowers to.


Lisa, 52 (York, Pa.) & Usman “SojaBoy,” 30 (Nigeria)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Who’s Crying Now

Lisa Hamme goes crazy after Usman Umar escorts his friend to his car and doesn’t come right back. When he returns, he is confronted with accusations. He begins to realize that Lisa may be more than he can handle. Earlier that evening, they got into an argument and he left the hotel. When he returns, he talks to the 90 Day Fiance producers about Lisa’s controlling nature.


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Lisa charges into the room and he confesses he is scared that if she can act like this in Nigeria, she may be way worse in America. Usman, RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! This woman would have you either locked in her bedroom or a basement somewhere. You would be all alone in a foreign country being treated like her indentured servant. Usman, don’t ignore your first mind, Lisa has crazy written all over her.


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