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New 90 Day Fiance Spin-Off Show Features Alums In Quarantine

The 90 Day Fiance franchise is still going strong after multiple seasons and spinoffs.  There’s something very entertaining about watching love span borders and cultures.  And if it isn’t love, then it’s just a lot of delusion.  Thanks to international dating sites, every citizen of the globe has the chance of snagging a lonely American.  The real prize is the Green Card of course.

Of course, the premise for the show is that one partner travels internationally to meet the other.  And with the border closures, quarantines, and disrupted air travel due to coronavirus, there is no chance of filming for new seasons.  So while sweethearts pine for each other all over the world, TLC exec’s have come up with a solution to give us fans a much-needed hit.

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined is a 5 episode mini-series that will feature 40 of the most popular cast members.  They will be giving fans updates on their lives by filming from home.

Entertainment Tonight shared the news along with a statement from TLC President and General Manager Howard Lee.  He said, “over the past six years, TLC has traversed 34 countries around the globe to capture couples as they’ve battled distance and obstacles along their path to love, but like the rest of us, they’ve never endured a challenge quite like this.”


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The TLC president explained that it was a good opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite alums.  He said, “so many fans have been curious about how their favorite couples and individuals are holding up during the crisis, so we’ve asked them to self-film and share their lives in quarantine with all of us. Their stories hold a lens to the world, from anxiety and cabin fever to laughter and inspiration. We’re humbled and pleased they’ve opened their hearts and homes to TLC audiences during this unprecedented time.”

E! News shared a full lineup of cast members.  Some have faded into obscurity, but there are fan favorites such as Jon Walters and Rachel Walters. Additionally, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet are in the cast.  Colt Johnson will be filming with mama Debbie Johnson.


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Long-time viewers will see updates on the lives of AlanandKirlyam Cox, Danielle Jbali, and Cortney Reardanz.  The ENTIRE Family Chantel will be featured as well, despite the lack of interest in their own spinoff.

Interestingly, a couple that just got back together is also on the show.  Good timing surely.  Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith will also be featured.


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Darcey Silva is on the current 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days but she will also be on the miniseries.  She just can’t stay away.  Her ex-boyfriend Jesse Meester will be filming from Amsterdam.  Will these two be trashing each other again?

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined will premiere on Monday, April 20th at 8 pm on TLC.


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