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Cynthia Bailey Says She is NeNe Leakes’ “Girl” & Marlo Hampton Is NeNe’s “Side Chick”

I’m not gonna lie, it blows my mind that Cynthia Bailey has been a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member for this long. Minus the times when she’s beefing with NeNe Leakes, the woman usually has zero storyline. Her thirst to get engaged and her “annual” events that only happen one time have really worn thin.

Yeah, the woman has knockout confessional looks, but that’s about it. What does Cynthia really bring to this show? Other than some slight delusion, I mean. Listen, I know I’m hating right now, but I do not actually dislike Cynthia. There’s no reason to, but it just truly baffles me that Cynthia is holding a peach and Marlo Hampton never has. Marlo brings it in every single scene. She’s always turning up and turning it out. And then there’s Cynthia, quietly collecting her Bravo paycheck. Yawn.

On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, the cast members dished on NeNe and Kenya Moore’s confrontation in Greece. You know the one where NeNe tried to spit, but couldn’t get it going and now she’s just insistant that she never spit on the woman.

Cynthia felt like it was her job to break up the fight between NeNe and Kenya, not Marlo’s because she wants the cameratime and has nothing else to offer. Why would she feel this way when she and NeNe went from bitter enemies to barely acquaintances. I feel like Cynthia was the last person NeNe wanted to speak to after that fight. However, Cynthia disagrees.


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During the After Show, Cynthia said, “I even went over and sat by Nene because I really wanted to be that kind of positive reinforcement in that whole situation because I really feel like at the end of the day with as much history as I’ve had with Nene, I’m Nene’s girl, and Marlo’s like a side chick.”

What? How does that make any sense? Marlo is so loyal to NeNe. She tells her the hard truth when she needs to hear it. Cynthia….. does none of that, and just uses NeNe’s name to get attention.


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Cynthia added, “I’m always gonna be like, hey, hey, hey, bring it back. Love, light, I’m gonna do all that.” Cue my yawn.

Marlo filmed her After Show segments with NeNe by her side. That makes her look like the “main girl” to me. She also gave NeNe some solid advice when it comes to her Kenya issues, “So next time she comes for you, just walk away, Say, ‘You know what, not today.'”


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Meanwhile, Cynthia is low key instigating the beef by attempting to put on some stupid play where she and Kandi Burruss act out NeNe and Kenya’s issues. Shady.


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