Kristin Cavallari Claims Jay Cutler & His Lawyer Stopped Her From Using Her Portion Of Shared Money To Buy A Home

The “amicable” breakup between Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler was very short-lived. The day after the Very Cavallari star announced their split, they both came out swinging in some court documents. She even accused him of “marital misconduct.”

Kristin wanted primary custody, merely leaving Jay with visitation. In contrast, Jay wanted joint custody. Both Kristin and Jay cited themselves as the “primary at-home” parent. They also disagreed on the day they actually split up. This divorce just keeps getting messier by the second.

E! News obtained court documents that Kristin filed. Now, she’s claiming that Jay stopped her from buying a separate home after he previously agreed to it. Her lawyer says that Jay and his lawyer didn’t let their finance manager release the funds to Kristin. Meanwhile, she apparently wanted to use “her portion” of the funds to buy the house.

Kristin temporarily put the house buying on hold when she and Jay decided to try again to save their marriage. Once it was finally over, she moved forward with the plans, but she wasn’t able to buy it. Kristin’s attorney thinks Jay is “punishing” her by refusing to release the funds. The attorney also claims “this is typical of Husband’s behavior towards Wife.”


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Considering how heated this split seems, it would make sense for them to live separately, even during a quarantine. However, Kristin alleges “He also informed that he was not going to be leaving the marital residence.” How awkward. I get that they both want to be around the kids, but this just sounds so unbelievably miserable, on many fronts.

There is more though. The docs say “Husband makes inappropriate statements to and about Wife and attempts to draw her into an argument in front of their minor children. Now that Husband has announced he will not leave so Wife can exercise parenting time with the children, Wife fears the situation will escalate.” For sure. It is very likely that this is just the beginning of an incredibly nasty divorce.


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