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Sonja Morgan Has A Matchmaker; Wants “Discreet” Man To Spoil Her While She Gets “Sh*tfaced”

Ah, Sonja Morgan. What can I say? I simply cannot get enough of this woman on the Real Housewives of New YorkShe is a gift to the reality television world. We’re only five episodes in to Season 12, and Sonja has already given us more iconic moments than I can count.

In both last season and the current one, Sonja has been struggling with letting go of the past. She continually brings up her former life with her ex-husband John Adams Morgan. If you remember Sonja’s famous meltdown over the Morgan letters, you’ll know that this is a very sensitive subject for her. RHONY newbie Leah McSweeney even said she knows more about Sonja’s former life than her current one. But now Sonja is ready to move on with her life and find love, and she’s got a very specific idea of what she’s looking for.

Sonja recently spoke to Page Six while quarantined at a spa in California (I mean, would you expect anything less from Sonja Morgan?). “Love is on the horizon,” she says. “I’m not looking for a man to take care of me. I want to be spoiled, and I want to get pounded and s**tfaced, but at home. In private,” she explains. Leave it to Sonja to give us that very vivid description!

We have seen some of Sonja’s former lovers on the show, from Tom D’Agostino to Harry Dubin, and beyond. But it seems like Sonja is looking for someone who is the exact opposite of these two, and with good reason! “What I do with the girls on the show is what girls do when they behave badly. When I’m part of a couple, it’s discreet and it’s at home and it’s quiet. And I’m in bed at nine or ten o’clock at night,” she explains. “So, I need a matchmaker that can explain my quiet, introverted side. I’m an introvert.”


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I found this to be a bombshell of a claim. On RHONY, Sonja is nothing less than the life of the party. She’s fun, free, and out there. She literally shows it all. To imagine Sonja is an introverted, quiet person is almost impossible.

But Sonja isn’t waiting around for Mr. Right to come along. She’s enlisted the help of a matchmaker. “I have this matchmaker that really seems to understand me. And she’s reaching out to some men that are a little more discreet. Maybe someone with a vineyard, or horses. Somebody that has their own life, who’s quiet and doesn’t watch TV. Someone that knows what the currency is doing,” Sonja explains. I agree, Sonja. Someone who doesn’t watch RHONY is definitely ideal.


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It looks like Sonja is in the market for a more serious type of man, and I am seriously hoping she finds what she’s looking for. She explains that when she’s in a relationship, she’s independent, and most definitely not an accessory. While a lot of her co-stars try to call her a trophy wife, you can’t say that Sonja doesn’t hustle. From her toaster ovens to her new Sonja Morgan New York collection, she’s a busy woman. Now, I hope she finds an amazing man who makes her forget all about those damn Morgan letters!


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