Harry Dubin Dishes On His Relationships With Sonja Morgan & Luann de Lesseps

At some points, it has felt like Harry Dubin is an honorary cast member on Real Housewives of New York. He has some history with every one of them. His first connection to the group was Sonja Morgan, whom he met years before he got married to Aviva Drescher. Harry has hooked up with Luann de Lesseps and Kelly Bensimon. He was also caught making out with Ramona Singer.

This man is a staple among the New York Housewives and he has a lot of tea to spill about the ladies.

Before getting into the dirt, it’s fair to point out that he also had some praise for the Housewives’ work ethic. During Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Harry said, “These girls work their asses off, you do know that? They work 12-hour days, six months a year.” He explained, “It’s not an easy job at all. Then, they have to pay for all of the booze, the lunches, the parties, and the dinners. And the clothes, the hair, and the makeup. The production company doesn’t do anything for these girls. And their own storylines. If you don’t have a storyline, you’re not even asked back.” Still, it’s not as if he’s the show’s biggest fan. he also commented, “I don’t watch it. It’s my life, so why should I watch something that happens to me every day.”

And, back to the juicy stuff. He dished on his first impression of Sonja. He shared, “I met Sonja in Washington DC at Cafe Milano and she was dancing and the Gypsey Kings were playing. So, I walked up to her and we started dancing and this was before the days of cell phones. So, we are talking a long time ago.”


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Harry shared, “She left and I scoured the city looking for her hotel room. I only knew her [first] name, ‘Sonja.'” He knew she was staying at a Park Hyatt hotel, but he didn’t know which one, so he went to one after another until he found Sonja. From there, he said, “I took her to the ghetto in Washington DC, to a jazz bar. We had a blast and she took me back to her hotel room and she bathed me. In a bathtub.” Ummm, what? But, apparently, it was a power move. Harry said, “It was great. To this day, I tell her that.”

After that first meeting, Harry said, “I flew up to New York. She came back down to Washington. Then, New Year’s Eve and I went to ski and she went to Miami with my sister and other girls. It never really ended with her, but it ended. We’ve been very close since then.” After a year of dating Sonja, Harry got engaged to someone else (not Aviva) for “a hot minute”. He made sure to say, “I have the utmost respect for her and I love her to death.” While they’ve both been with other people, Harry said the two of them were “on and off for 20 years.”


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He met Luann through Sonja, about a year before Sonja joined the cast. He says Luann “yanks me, gets me into a cab, and we go to the Carlisle and listen to music and had a very nice evening. But, that’s the way Luann is. She goes after what she wants and she gets it. You can’t really deny that.” He clarified that it was far from a “one-time thing.” He also, shared, “[Luann’s ex-husband] Tom D’Agostino’s a good friend of mine. He’s down there [in Palm Beach], has a girlfriend, and he’s living the good life.”

Podcast host David Yontef couldn’t resist asking “Who is better in bed, Sonja or Luann?” Harry never straight up answered the question, but he did engage in a little compare and contrast. He revealed, “Sonja is very passionate. She has these shutters in her room where you can’t see anything. The best way I can describe both of these girls is Sonja, you can’t see her while you’re having sex and Luann likes to do it in the light. Two different passions.” And now all I can think about is Lu’s Season 12 tagline: “Raise the curtain, lower the lights, I’m taking center stage in my life.”


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Harry remarked, “You get a different feeling. It’s not that one is better than the other. It’s just different.” In more specific terms, Harry claimed, “Luann is a screamer. Sonja is not.”


[Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images]