Joe Giudice Is Selling Vibrators Now

Joe Giudice is one busy man. Ever since being deported to his native country of Italy, he has stayed in the news. I’m hearing way more about him now that when he was just living here as Mr. Teresa Giudice. He’s jetted off to Mexico to party with some mystery ladies. He is all up in Teresa’s Instagram comments, complimenting her on her boobs. Joe even weighed in on Italy’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, calling it “ridiculous”. He later issued a mia culpa and cooked food for those who were in isolation.

But now that Juicy has lost his last deportation appeal to come back to the U.S., he’s gotta figure out what to do from here. One of those things includes a podcast. Yes, you heard that correctly. Juicy, who has never been much of a talker, is starting his own podcast. Lucky for us, that’s not all he has up his sleeve.

Watch out Kandi Burruss, Juicy Joe is entering the sex toy business! Kandi Koated who? According to Us Weekly, Joe recently partnered up with the sex toy company, Zalo USA to sell vibrators. I think it’s safe to assume Juicy is doing this for some much-needed cash. Unless I’m wrong and he’s really just that passionate about vibrators.

Either way, Joe added, “Partner, European Distributor, Zalo USA” on his Instagram bio. He’s already making posts for them too. One Instagram story reads, “Give her a Mother’s Day gift she won’t forget”. He included a photo of a sex toy and a link to the company’s Versailles Series. In case you’re wondering, the Versailles Series ranges from $125 to $195, depending on the model.


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Joe is clearly excited (pun intended), posting “Proud to be with the Zalo USA team and their award-winning products.”

Unfortunately for Joe, that failed deportation appeal I mentioned earlier means that he’s really going to have to hustle now. According to documents, his appeal denial reads, “This cause came to be considered on a petition for review from the Board of Immigration Appeals and was submitted on November 21, 2019. On consideration whereof, it is now hereby ORDERED and ADJUDGED by this Court that the petition for review of the decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals entered on April 11, 2019, is DENIED. All of the above in with the opinion of this Court.” So Joe is officially out of chances to come back to the U.S. to earn a living and be with his family.


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I’m guessing this means Juicy could use all the business he can get. So if you’re in the market, just give him a buzz.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]