Joe Giudice Is Starting His Own Podcast

Get ready for an eye roll. Joe Giudice is starting his own podcast. No one asked for this. Reality TV stars hosting podcasts is beyond played out at this point. Yet, here we are.

I guess Joe is gonna need some money to fund those trips to Mexico and whatever else he has going on. Maybe he can even start paying his own legal fees. Just imagine Joe reading the script for ads from his podcast sponsors. I am cringing already.

Joe shared the news on Instagram, because, well, Joe is spending a lot of time on IG. So much so that Melissa Gorga revealed that she and Joe Gorga have stopped following him on the gram.

Joe told his remaining follwoers, “I’m really seeing , ‘the real world,’ so I thought now would be the perfect time to let YOU ALL join me with a series of episodes THROUGH MY PODCAST COMING SOON! I will be sharing with you lots of JUICY INSIDE SCOOP!” Oh, joy. As if we haven’t heard enough about the ins and outs of the Giudice family.


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Juicy Joe wrote, “I will be giving you the real inside scoop of my real life not edited version!”

Then he made a statement that is obviously about Teresa Giudice: “Ok guys I know the trap of Work, bills, kids, friends, outings, and school-sports consume us as parents that we forget to tell our partner/family what they mean to us. For many of us in a relationship it’s too late when you realize just how thankful you are to have such an amazing partner or family in your life, that you never know how to tell him or her!”


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Not only did Joe “forget” to tell Teresa how thankful he was for her holding their family together and doing nonstop appearances to fund their daughters’ activities and his legal bills, but he also told her that he regrets marrying her, no one will want to date her because of her “baggage,” and that he “feels nothing” for her. And you thought your ex was bad.

Joe continued, “We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. I want to lend my experiences to help fix them before it can lead to mistakes, you are not alone never waste time in anger or regrets when you can be fixing the underlying problem!”


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After a million random hashtags, Joe wroe, “Let’s face it aren’t you tired of hearing how perfect some relationships are! #fact @teresagiudice and I were not perfect but we do have [love] and for each other #oldschool!” Of course, he had to include “old school” in one of the hashtags.

Is this whole podcast an elaborate ruse to get a hold of Teresa’s money to get Teresa back? Who thought this was actually a good idea? The man can barely formulate an Instagram caption. Just imagine him speaking for an hour-long podcast. Thanks, but no thanks.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]